HCAU Members: Where Are They Now? Alison MacDonald

HCAU Members: Where Are They Now? (Alison MacDonald)

Recently, a couple of our HC girls had the opportunity to catch up with some of our greatly missed old members! Alison, our HC secretary from 2015/16, is now working as an Emirates Airhostess, is based in Dubai, and gets to travel the world for work (we are SO jealous too, don’t worry)! Today we went from stalking her Instagram to asking her all the things we’ve been wondering since she left HCAU!


HC: What are pros and cons of being an air hostess?

AM: The biggest pro is obviously the travelling. Taking a flight through the night and waking up in a new country I’d never expected to get to visit is such a plus. The con that comes with that is most places we fly out to crew only get to stay for one day so our sightseeing is limited and with jetlagged eyes.


HC: Sounds exciting, despite the jetlag! What tips would you give to anyone looking to make friends abroad?

AM: Always be yourself! And never forget that a small number of good friends you trust will be better than one million friends who barely know the real you. I’d say it’s one of the toughest parts about leaving uni – you are constantly bombarded with new friends and people with similar interests whereas in the real world it’s not so easy.


HC: What is the coolest place you’ve flown to?

AM: This is such a difficult question for me. I’d probably have to answer somewhere I never expected to be able to visit, which I’m fortunate enough to say is a lot of destinations. Japan is pretty cool though.


HC: What do you miss the most about uni life?

AM: HCXO! And also the freedom that comes from being a student and replying ‘I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up’. In the real world people frown on you with an answer like that.

HC: We miss you too!! So, how does life in Dubai compare to life in Scotland?

AM: Scotland and Dubai are almost polar opposites to each other so it has definitely taken me a good period of time to feel like I’m fitting in. The sunshine is probably the easiest and most non-controversial answer. Never having to check the weather before leaving the house and barely leaving my apartment during the summer months because of the insane heatwaves we have living in a desert.


HC: What happens on a typical day for you?

AM: I don’t really have much of a routine so there isn’t exactly a typical day for me. If I have a flight I will pack/unpack, put on my uniform and go. On days where I fly I can be at work all day and then crash at the hotel room after we’ve arrived. On my days off I like to go to the cinema, go to the beach clubs for cocktails or literally just sleep the jetlag off all day.


HC: What’s the best thing about your job?

AM: The job itself is pretty average, and definitely made out to be more glamorous than it is. I’m totally not one to be the centre of attention but I have grown used to the fact that we are stared at a lot in our uniforms and a lot of customers want to take a photo with us.


Quick Fire Questions:

HC: Trainers or heels?

AM: Neither. I live in Birkinstocks on my days off.

HC: Breakfast dates or dinner dates?

AM: No meal is eaten at the right time in my jetlag life so I’d have to say breakfast food at dinner time

HC: Favourite Kardashian sister?

AM: I don’t really relate to any of them to be honest!

HC: Pet hate?

AM: When someone is rude or doesn’t say thank you. Working in customer service this can make or break my day.


Alison, thank you so much for catching up with us and letting us get an insight into your life post HCAU! Come back and visit us soon! XO


All photos Alison's own