HCAU Discusses: The Best Hangover Foods

HCAU Discusses: The Best hangover foods


I decided to conduct an HC poll on everyone’s favourite hangover foods this week, as food is always on everyone’s mind - let’s be real here! Let's see what everyone craves after a heavy night.





Absolute favourites were the obvious: pizza (special shout out to Domino’s) and McDonald’s (with an honorary mention for their vanilla milkshakes).


Dr. Noodles, Subway and our very own Grub got mentions as well. If your hangover food is a panini, like Charlotte’s, Grub is the place to go – please take note freshers!


It’s also good to remember we’re in Scotland and go for that ice cold can of Irn Bru and a bacon roll, or why not just a full cooked breakfast? If you can’t stomach it full, Linn believes in toast and orange juice.





Bacon and potato scones received a few mentions as well. If that just isn’t cutting it, go for some chicken satay or nachos, you can’t go wrong.


Cheesy pasta, quorn nuggets and smiley faces will also be there to help you get over that hang.


But for the ones curing the worst hang of all, start of easy and have some crisps, soup, hot lemon water and alllllll the gummy bears!




Here it is, all the best hangover cures HC Aberdeen has to offer – never suffer from a hangover any longer than necessary!