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HC Loves: The Cat In The Window Cafe!

Have you ever had somebody ask you to think of where your “happy place” is? Well, I think I’ve found mine at Aberdeen’s first ever Cat Café!  If you’re wondering what a cat café is, it’s basically just a café; but one where cats live and are kept company by the paying visitors! The Cat in the Window Café allows customers to try locally produced teas, coffees and cakes whilst you also get to be a cat’s companion for an hour. All the cats are very friendly and are clearly loved by both the visitors and the people that work in the café.  


The concept of a cat café can to some people seem strange and they might think it could be quite unhygienic. But as well as the lovely atmosphere, it was very clean; you even get cute covers called cat covers to put over your drinks! 




Cat covers and cupcakes.  


If you’re a busy and hardworking student like us girls at Her Campus Aberdeen, then sometimes you need to find ways to de-stress; spending an hour with the cats is a great way to do this. Some people choose to meditate but if that’s not your thing then I think spending your time here would be a great alternative! It has a very peaceful and Zen-like atmosphere. The customers are asked to remove their shoes which actually made me feel right at home; you can bring slippers but they also provide shoe covers if you don’t want to go bare foot. 



So if cats, cupcakes and coffee are your kind of thing then check out their website where you can make a booking to chill in the café for only £5.50 per person here: 


You can also check out their Facebook page, where you will regularly see adorable photos of the cats: 



I'm in my fourth and final year studying journalism at Robert Gordon University but I write for Aberdeen University. Xoxo
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