Guys Who Think They Know Girls

Guys Who Think They Know Girls


Throughout my life so far, I’ve had my fair share of guy related drama, most of which stemmed from them (the boy) not understanding how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking or what I want.

This issue has become an even greater presence in my life recently, as I’ve bagged myself a boyfriend whom, for the most part, is pretty sweet, but that remaining 0.01% of time drives me absolutely crazy as he has no idea what I mean (even though he’s so sure he does - passive aggressive coming through enough over text?).

There are a few reasons that this may be the case, or I have some theories at least.

Theory One- They genuinely think they know.

They (the boy, again) genuinely believe that they have some miracle insight into the mind of not only another human, but that of a different gender. In my case, my boyfriend believing that he understands the complexity of my mind. This belief is so powerful that they take it upon themselves to state “Yes, I completely understand” after you’ve expressed a novel-length account of your day. To that I say: really, are you sure you completely understand? Because I would love to know why you think, on the third day of my period, I expressed 20 different emotions that have forced an urge for me to slap and kiss you at the same time. Which usually receives zero response from the mind-reading, mythical male. Next!

Theory Two- They’re too selfish to understand.

With the risk of upsetting or offending anyone, theory two comes with a lighter angle than theory one. When boys insist they know what you want and how you’re feeling, it might just be because they know what they want and are trying to subtly steer you towards that. This week I gave one of my friends a back massage after quite a stressful day and halfway through she said: “You know, I really appreciate this, if you were a boy you’d massage my shoulders for about two seconds, then try to turn it into something else”. I totally knew what she meant. The boy in this situation would use the opportunity to get something that he was after rather than tending to your actual needs. So selfish!

Theory Three- We expect too much.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying “lower your standards and settle down with a complete moron”, I’m just suggesting that maybe we expect a little too much from our other halves sometimes. I feel that I’ve found friends at uni that just completely get me, 100%, and I them. Meaning, I don’t even have to express certain feelings in words before there’s a cup of tea in my hand and my best friend ready to listen to everything I need to say. To expect this from my boyfriend, on the other hand, would just end in endless disappointment and be completely unfair on him!

In conclusion,

Do the men in your life know what you want, what you think and what you feel?

Probably not.

Do they think they know?


Is it the end of the world?

Nope, so we shouldn’t really spend more time than it takes to read this thinking about it.


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