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Getting Married Young

Getting Married Young


So, I turned twenty-one in November, and two of my friends have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Two more are getting married next year, and last year two of my cousins both tied the knot. Now if that works for you, great, but to me the idea of being married already sounds more than a little bit terrifying. So I thought I’d find out the best and worst bits of getting married young, and see if that changes my attitude.


Best Bits

1. You’ve always got someone to come home to at the end of the day.




2. You automatically have a partner to accompany you to any event you go to.




3. It’s a very good excuse for a massive party with all your friends (and think of all the presents)!




Less Good Bits

1. People change a lot as they mature, so you don’t necessarily know who you’re both going to be after a few decades together




2. Weddings are really expensive, and you don’t want to start the rest of your lives together in debt.




3. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to be making any life-long commitments right now, especially ones that have an impact on someone else.




Different things work for different people, but I think for now I’m happy just going to other people’s weddings and enjoying the cake and confetti. 

Fourth year studying English and Sociology.
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