Everything you need for a perfect girls’ night in


Everything you need for a perfect girls’ night in

A girls’ night in is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’ve had long week at uni, bae has been acting up or you just need some one on one time with your bestie here is everything you need for a perfect night in!

Firstly, you need food. I love to cook so I’m always a fan of rustling a nice meal for me and friends to enjoy whilst we catch up for hours. If that’s not your thing a take away is always a good route to go. Who can say no to a two for Tuesdays deal at Dominos? Then it’s all about the snacks, chips and dip, chocolate and ice cream are all good essentials to have.


Then it’s all about the film. A girls’ night in is not complete without an absolute classic chick flick on the TV. Whether you’re wanting to be fully engrossed or just to have it on the background, film choice can often make or break girls night. 10 Things I Hate About You, The Notebook and Bridesmaids are all favourites of mine. Also, a word of advice; decide on the film choice before the night so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through Netflix!

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Next, it’s all about the setting. During the autumn and winter months a warm flat, fluffy socks and cosy blankets make for an amazing cosy night in. In Spring and Summer, it’s always nice to try and sit outside in someone’s garden. Also, fairy lights any time of year create a seriously cute atmosphere (and Instagram picture) for the evening!

Finally, and almost most importantly: alcohol. Whether its wine, cocktails or a classic G&T anything that’s going to get the chat flowing out is a win in my books for a girl’s night in. And whilst the alcohol may turn a girls’ night in into a girls’ night out that really just makes it twice as fun!

So, what are you waiting for, grab your closest besties and use this recipe for the most perfect girls’ night in. Our female friends should be our most prized possession and any time we’re able to spend with them should be cherished. Enjoy gals!