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I was going to start with a joke but I’ll shave that for later…


Not to be THAT person, but I found out about this brand way before the hype about a year ago from a friend of mine who was raving about them. I wouldn’t usually go out of my way to purchase razors from a brand because I’m kinda lazy with self-care products. But with lockdown happening I thought I’d treat myself and I’m actually so glad I did.


What is Estrid?

Estrid preaches that shaving is a choice, which I think is so great and actually very refreshing to hear from a razor brand. They create fairly affordable, cruelty-free, quality razors that are made specifically for women. I actually think it’s a lot harder to find razors that are designed for women in regular stores, and when you do, they are usually more expensive than those aimed at men and often come in stereotypically feminine colours. We love to see it.

Estrid offers a subscription based on how often you shave, which I personally really enjoy because I hate having to go out to buy more so I end up using a blunt razor for weeks on end. The starter kit includes a steel handle, a razor holder, and two 5 blade cartridges with a soothing strip that’s completely vegan! You can choose which colour handle you’d like (they currently have 5 colours on offer), and there is an option to add a travel case to keep it safe.


My Personal Experience

It took quite a while for my first order to arrive so they kindly sent me a replacement which arrived the day after my original order (oops, I really am the queen of being impatient). So I’ve ended up with three of their colours which I’m not mad about because they’re actually gorgeous and SO aesthetic. Plus, I’m a huge fan of the minimalist design they’ve got going on. The order comes beautifully packaged in a pink box (100% recyclable, of course). They also include more information on the brand inside the box in case you missed it on their website which is always helpful. Estrid also has free, climate-compensated shipping available which is just the icing on the cake.

I was a little skeptical at first because, apart from their brand promoting sustainability and a lot of goodness, I didn’t really understand how their razors could differ from others I’d used previously. But I genuinely felt a difference straight away in terms of how silky smooth my legs felt, which I think is down to there being 5 blades in the cartridge. I never thought I’d be someone who recommended razors to people but I’ve mentioned this brand quite a few times since. My skin is often a little sensitive, especially after shaving, but I haven’t found any irritation or redness since switching which is always a win. I’ve also found that they stay sharp and generally last a lot longer than other razors I’ve used in the past, so I ended up altering my subscription and saving that dollar.

Estrid have since expanded their collection and have recently started selling body care products, which I haven’t actually tried yet, but I love that they’re growing as a brand. This range consists of three all-vegan body care products. The only con is that you have to be an existing member to purchase these items. But overall, I can completely jump on board with the recent hype and sponsorships this brand is getting.

Like I mentioned before, shaving is completely YOUR choice. But if it is your thing, definitely check them out.

So, Estrid… Fancy sponsoring me now?

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