Country Music Appreciation

Country Music Appreciation


Music is said to bring people together, and it definitely did for Ellen and I. We met at a Her Campus meeting and somehow got chatting about our love for country music and that was basically how our friendship began.

However, country music doesn’t seem to be very popular this side of the pond. It’s mostly regarded as very cheesy, silly and rather uncool. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay to love it and here’s why:


Love Songs  

Nobody writes a heartfelt ballad quite like a guy or gal in a Stetson. You might be compared to a few different types of drinks but that’s how they can show their love. I mean, you won’t be able to resist being compared to strawberry wine when it’s Chris Stapleton doing it (JT certainly can’t).


Break-up Songs

Sometimes you need help to get over someone and have a good cry and country music could be the perfect solution for you. The queen of break-up songs is of course Taylor Swift, who began her singing career with a teardrop on her guitar. Following in her footsteps are a myriad of talented singers such as The Randy Rogers Band with songs such as “She’s Gonna Run”, “Missing You Is More Than I Can Do” and “Too Late For Goodbye”.


Whiskey Drinking isn’t a great way to solve heartbreak but we have to admit, a night out with our girls does always help. A lot of country songs do seem to involve whiskey (and drinking in general) so pour yourself a glass and sing-along. Whether it’s to Carly Pearce’s “If My Name Was Whiskey” or Luke Bryan’s “You Don’t Know Jack”.



Nobody ever quite tells a story in a song like a country star. From Tim McGraw reuniting with a girl he stood up 20 years ago in “Annie I Owe You A Dance” to Dolly Parton’s inimitable original version of “I Will Always Love You”.


You might not immediately daydream of a cowboy but here’s some of our favourites that you might now also fall in love with. I went to The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville for my 21st birthday last year whilst I was on study abroad in Tennessee and Kip Moore was one of the performers and definitely the hottest.


Ellen prefers the alternative country men, like the guys from Florida Georgia Line, if you like tattoos or a hipster they’re for you.


Nashville TV Show


If your idea of a great TV show is drama and good music then Nashville is the perfect combination. The show handles storylines from teenage romance to tax fraud to postpartum depression. American talents like Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton star in the show, as well as home-grown UK actor Sam Palladio. Nashville will give you all the feels.


UK Music Scene

Whilst the UK has always loved imports such as Garth Brooks with all of his shows selling out, we’re also now producing some great country musicians of our own. One of the biggest names at the moment is The Shires.


We hope we’ve managed to convince you to give country music a try!