Combat Freshers’ Flu With These 6 Products

Freshers’ Flu is upon us and you need to be prepared.

The first time I came across the term ‘Freshers’ Flu’ was when I joined the Official Aberdeen Freshers Facebook group in 2016. I naively believed that this strange illness was a myth. Once I actually arrived at uni, moved into halls, and began going out nearly every night, I quickly learned that Freshers’ Flu is, in fact, a legitimate problem for new students - A COLD ON STEROIDS. I truly believed that I would be the one to escape the clammy grip of Freshers’ Flu, but I was proved very, very wrong. And if you don’t believe me; I was sick from September until New Years.

I am not from the United Kingdom and was unfamiliar with such rainy, raw, and windy weather. Within the first few days of landing in Scotland, I had already developed a runny nose. I was also extremely unfamiliar with UK drinking culture because I am American and . . . yeah that’s my only excuse. All I wanted was to fit in and therefore, I was prepared to do anything. Have no fear . . . . Freshers’ Week is here; I was going out clubbing every night.

Inevitably, classes began, but my ‘week’ of fun was not over. Imagine most nights you arrive home, possibly intoxicated, at 3am, wake up at 8am, walk to class in the cold rain, and never give yourself a chance to rest because of #FOMO. This happened for about 7 nights before Freshers’ Flu grabbed me by the throat and infected what felt like every inch of my body. I was disgusted by myself and by the hundreds of students sitting with me in class sneezing and coughing or even just breathing.

Long story short, it is nearly inevitable that you will catch some version of Freshers’ Flu, whether you party every night or are rested and on time for every class or both!! Think of it as a rite of passage.

So here are some products that you might need to survive your first semester at Uni:

#1 A Neti Pot to clear out your sinuses!!

You can get one on Amazon here.

#2 Do as Wendy does and invest in a large supply of pocket tissues.

You can buy 80 packs off of Amazon here.

#3 Be extra and indulge in a nifty pocket tissue COVER!!

Check out Etsy to find one you like.

#4 Consider taking probiotics to increase the quantity of good bacteria in your gut.

Scan through Amazon’s vast selection! Or visit your pharmacy.

#5 Switch out English Breakfast for an immune-boosting herbal tea!

Check out Holland & Barrett’s multiple Aberdeen locations for a great selection!

#6 Consider purchasing a reusable surgical mask so while you are in lectures so you neither inhale the germs of others nor spread your own.

Show your support for Scotland by purchasing this festive surgical mask.

Hopefully you noticed the tang of sarcasm in this article - but seriously everyone, please consider the 80-pack of pocket tissues. 

Have fun flu-ing !