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Christmas Gift Guide – £10 and under


Everyone, purses out, it’s that time of year again – Christmas shopping! I can hear you all now… “how am I going to afford presents for my whole family this year, I only have £20 in my bank to last me until the end of the month” “Why is my family so big?!” “I need to do better than my little sister this year she always outshines me, but she doesn’t have to feed herself, so unfair!” I can picture you all thinking you’ll just have a wee quick look online to see if I can get some inspiration and ending up on the Topshop website for 3 hours crying over winter coats you can’t afford.

Fret no longer! Over here at Her Campus we have a solution: some might say a godsend. We want to give you some alternatives to the bank breaking high street present that you would love to buy your granny but unfortunately you still need to eat (and buy one of the super cute Christmas jumpers from ASOS) between now and Christmas. As well as saving you some pennies shopping on a budget can actually be rather fun, granted you have to think a little harder, but you end up getting your giftee something they will really love. May I present to you a gift guide for all things under a tenner!

1. Personalised Mug:

We all love our own wee mug to drink our favourite hot drink out of on a cold winters day but some of the mugs out there are super pricey, so here’s a wee idea, make your own! Get a relatively cheap white mug, some permanent markers, draw on your design and then bake in the oven (170° or GM 5) for 30 minutes and hey presto a personalised mug for under £10 you can gift with pride. 

    Image from: www.abeautifulmess.com

2. Homemade soap:

Perfect for mums, grannies, aunties, you name it. Can be made in less than 10 minutes and under £10.

All you need is: Shea Butter Soap Base (easy to find online), soap colorants (optional), a soap mold, wonderful smelling oil or spice (my favourites are peppermint oil or pumpkin spice) and a microwave.

How to:

–   Microwave the soap base in 30-second slots until melted, taking out to stir after ever 30 seconds.

–   When melted stir in 2 tablespoons of your chose smell. 

–   Pour into mold and leave to cool for about 30 minutes and then remove.             


3. Homemade Personalised Print:

Pick a loved one and make them a personalised shout out.

All you need to do is buy is a frame and the rest can be made with a computer and a printer. 

4. Christmas Socks:

Who doesn’t love a pair of good old festive socks! A perfect gift for all ages and genders for under £10- perfect!


5. A Calendar!

So I know it doesn’t seem like the most thoughtful gift but there are so many different themes that you can buy one that suits everyone and anyone! Everyone needs a calendar going into the New Year and you can pick them up online or on the high street for under £10. 

Image: Calendar Club Online

6. Fleece Pyjama Bottoms:

Perfect for all those cozy nights in watching Christmas movies. Can buy some of these snazzy wee numbers in shops such as H&M for £7.99 –what a bargain!

7. Woolly Hat!

Pick up on of these winter essentials for your dad, brother, boyfriend, sister, girlfriend and they will love you forever!  

Image from: New look

8. A wee selection of all the things they love:

For the ones you love this gift should be easy. Put together a wee goodie bag of all their favourite things and you will be surprised at how cheap you can get it for. 

Image from: Make it Christmas (Home & Lifestyle)

9. A leather cardholder:

A solution to the never-ending battle against receipts. This leather cardholder can be purchased for under £10 and is perfect for anyone.

Image: asos.com

10. We can’t forget our beloved pets can we!

Grab your cheeky chappy this Christmas delight for only a fiver and they will be the center of attention when the family come over (not much of a change there then!)

Image from: next.com

Currently a 3rd year undergraduate at the University of Aberdeen studying English Literature. And the President and Editor in Chief of Her Campus Aberdeen.
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