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Catfish and the Bottlemen 07/11/19

Fiver Says You’re Wrong

I always hated Catfish and the Bottlemen, solely because my younger sister, Poppi, liked them. She went through a phase of listening to the likes of My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy, who I don’t particularly like, and I just put them in the same category due to the heavy drums and guitars. The first song I listened to and enjoyed was “Business” from their first album, Poppi played it all the time when she was younger to be rebellious due to the swear words in the second line. I then heard some of their newer songs “Soundcheck”, “Glasgow”, and “Heathrow” and that’s when I fell in love. I began to not mind the heavy instrumentals and even started to appreciate them and their significance in the songs.

My sister had been to see them a few times at the TRNSMT festival and also at Glasgow Summer Sessions, but I could never get my hands on any tickets so when I saw that they were going to be playing in Aberdeen I was so excited! I had invited my friend Honor and my boyfriend David to come to the concert, and my sister and her boyfriend were also traveling up to join us.

Credit: Tamarind Free Jones via XS Noise


We arrived at the venue just before the support act started who were a band from Dunfermline which is local to us which was a nice surprise – they were actually better than we had expected. You would think the wait in-between the sets would go quickly, but it was TEDIOUSLY SLOW. Although, the whole place was buzzing with excitement which kept me from feeling too tired.

As soon as Van McCann and the rest of the guys ran on stage, the whole place went crazy. The only downside to Catfish’s live performances is that they seem to be unable to speak to the crowd and interact like a lot of other artists do. They play song after song with maybe a couple of “thank you”s and a “How are you Aberdeen?” thrown in there, but they have absolutely no banter with the crowd which does definitely deduct a few points from their performance. In terms of their set-list, they had the PERFECT mix of old and new to cater to everyone and include all the fan favourites.

Credit: Jon Stone via Independent 

Catfish and the Bottlemen are phenomenal artists who have produced banger after banger and each album seems to get better and better. When performing live their performances sound identical to the recorded tunes, showing their sheer musical talent and passion for what they do. Although, they do slightly lack in the banter that we get from other artists, but we won’t hold it against them – we love and adore them anyway!

Credit; Niamh Roberts

Niamh Roberts

Aberdeen '23

1st-year Psychology and Sociology student
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