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I met for coffee on Monday morning with a very delicate Laura Simpson. Having returned from her staff night out in the early hours of that morning, attended a 7am hockey training session and a 9am lecture I was surprised Laura had managed to dress herself at all! Yet, true to form Laura Simpson looked like she’d just walked off the cover of Vogue.

I spot her immediately across the library café in a pair of high waisted, bright red, plaid trousers with purple pockets. She later tells me she had them made in South Africa; she picked out the fabric, designed them and got them “dirt cheap”! She has an oversized grey jumper tucked into them and a tartan scarf draped round her neck. She finishes the outfit off with white cut out ankle boots and a rich mustard Cambridge satchel. 

Laura is inspired by the style of Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth and Alice Dellal. Dellal, whom Karl Lagerfeld has recently cast to front the Chanel spring 2014 eyewear campaign, has been getting increasing attention for the past couple years for her creative punk rock style. 

It’s difficult to define Laura’s unique style as she has her own brand of bohemian, almost eccentric glamour. It is simply original, and because of the latest desire of every fashion conscious girl to be alternative, original is fashionable.

Yet it is clear talking to Laura on the subject of fashion, she is definitely not one who follows, or even considers trend.

“You should dress for yourself” she declares, “don’t dress for anyone else, if you love something wear it, even if it’s bonkers”! It is this subconscious confidence that helps create each of her captivating looks.

Laura loves one off vintage garments and equates finding one to the feeling on Christmas morning; “especially when it’s £3.50!”

As someone who finds it very difficult to shop in Aberdeen, it’s not exactly the fashion capital of the world; I demanded to know her secret. What is the source of her never-ending rail of clothes and accessories? Each new outfit is like a page out of Alexander McQueen’s scrapbook. 

“Charity shops!” was her answer. Now I admit, I used to believe the only females who frequented charity shops were elderly, unwashed, financially challenged, or all three, but in the affluent city of Aberdeen charity shops are an untapped source of style. The wealthy West-enders drop bin bags of unworn designer clothes which sit on countless racks just waiting to be re-homed. 

Laura, someone who takes full advantage of this, is animated as she tells me about her system. “Once every two months I have a route, it takes me two hours and never fails.”

 Laura knows what she wants and doesn’t waste any time, “I know what suits my body and I know what I like…I love anything with a cheeky pop of colour or a wacky pattern”.

Most of the more consistent and well stocked shops in Aberdeen sit within three points; Rosemount Place, Back Wynd and Holburn Street. You may have to put some elbow work into sifting through the rails, but if, like me, you have to open your monthly bank statement with a couple glasses of wine, it is well worth the effort.

Sophie is a third year History and Politics student (mixing it up with a bit of French on the side) with a keen interest in planning events, fitness and creating culinary based articles. Being a member of Her Campus allows her to combine these two interests by regularly writing articles for the Health and Fitness section as well as planning the social events for the chapter.
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