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Campus Cutie – Miss Heather Bennie

Campus Cutie- Heather Bennie

This week Her Campus was lucky enough to grab a few words from the fabulous Heather Bennie!

Age: 21

Hometown: Grangemouth

The first thing I wanted to ask our cutie was to describe herself in three words and if she could tell us a unique fact about herself. I’d say that I am outgoing, friendly and hard working. A unique fact? Hmm…I know a lot of useless facts, which is handy for pub quizzes but not so useful for everyday life. Did you know the longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds?! Pretty sure nobody reading this will have known that Heather, but thanks for enlightening us!

Heather is currently in a relationship (sorry guys) with lovely Douglas, who studies Computer Security and Forensics in Edinburgh: So basically he’s a big geek, but I suppose that’s okay! The two have been together for over two years despite the long distance but Heather assures us It’s tough being long distance but it just makes the time we get to see each other that bit better!

Considering she studies it for her degree we can only assume that music is a big part of Heather’s life, but apart from studying it I was desperate to know what else Heather does! I’m currently the Assistant Tutor for APA’s Glee workshops on a Saturday, teaching singing to kids aged 10-18. It’s great fun and so rewarding to help them have the confidence to sing and perform well! I also sing as part of the Aberdeen University Jazz Band (who have a gig in the Blue Lamp on 2/2/15 along with the University Big Band- shameless advertising here!). Apart from that I pretty much only have time to work (Rox Hotel) and keep up with uni work, although when I’m at home I very often help out at my old children’s theatre company with their upcoming productions. Wow, Heather, you’re making us feel so lazy here! 


Next, I had to ask, how was 2014 for Heather and does she have any resolutions and big plans for 2015?  2014 was busy. Busy busy busy! It’s been a bit of a turbulent year with Uni, Student Show, turning 21 and working to afford a great social life and a couple of lovely holidays for some well needed R & R with friends. My Resolution would have to be managing my time more effectively; I’m so guilty for not doing any work until about two days before something’s due.

I am SO excited for next years Aberdeen Student Show, Tilly Elliot. Having been in the Student Show for the last 2 years, it has become a huge part of my life in April, basically because it takes over your life! We take a popular show or film and rewrite the entire thing in Doric and set it in Aberdeen, then rehearse it for just 4 weeks before putting it on in HMT from 22nd to 25th April. This year, I am part of the administration team and Karen (one of 2 of my lovely Flatmates) and myself are the Business Team. We are responsible for getting in touch with companies to ask them for sponsorship amounts, so we can buy set and lighting and sound systems and hire the theatre blah blah blah. It’s great though, and so exciting when companies respond and ask to give us fairly substantial figures! All of the money we raise from the sponsorship and tickets sales goes directly into charities across Aberdeen and the North East and really helps people from all walks of life. (Tickets are on sale from http://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com/) Last year we raised £80,000 and this year we’re hoping to raise even more!

That sounds absolutely amazing, no doubt that some of us HC girls will be attending the show, it sounds great!


Finally, I asked Heather about her plans for the future. Unfortunately uni doesn’t last forever and I wondered if she had a plan of action for after graduation. Plans for after graduation…HA…interesting. Ideally I would like to go into a career in sort of marketing and coordination of events (think Monica organising Phoebe and Mike’s wedding in Friends- that’s me) within a music or theatre setting, so whilst I’m currently on the hunt for a nice little starter for this, I’m also considering perhaps a post-grad in Marketing or something to educate me a bit more about the field. In an ideal world this is what I’d be doing in 5 years time, maybe with Scottish Opera or NYoS, and if all else fails, I’d probably own a bar!

You sound super prepared Heather, and hey, we all need a back-up plan and owning a bar is definitely something we support! From all of us at HC, good luck with the future!



Currently in fourth year studying English at Aberdeen University and LOVES being an Editor for Aberdeen University's chapter on Her Campus. Obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio, cocktails and things glittery.
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