Campus Cutie: Miss Becky Gibb

This week, we at Her Campus were lucky enough to get to chat to the cutest cutie on campus herself, Miss Becky Gibb. For those of you who know Becky, you will all be in firm agreement that no-one deserves the title of Campus Cutie more than her. Currently in her final year of a Primary Teaching degree, Becky never fails to amaze us with her bright smile, amazing gym-figure and fabulous personality.


HC: First of all, we would love to find out what your favourite memory is from childhood?

B: My favourite childhood memory is when my best friend Alice and I, (who have the exact same hair -very frizzy and curly) once used so much shampoo and conditioner after swimming lessons in order for us to have lovely locks and our hair would grow to our bottoms. We were convinced everyone was going to come and pay to see our beautiful hair and we could be the girls with amazing hair and be rich and famous. All that happened was a great big frothy mess, both of us got loads of soap in our eyes and we were unable to wash all the conditioner out!!

HC: I think we’ve all been there- but I’m sure now you’ve grown to appreciate your beautiful locks. As a huge traveller (jealous!!) we would love to know which has been your favourite travel destination?

B: Definitely Malaysia, I went last summer with my friend Jasmine and it is such an amazing country. The food is sooo good, the people were so lovely and I have never seen such blue sea. We lived like queens there because it was so cheap- three course meals everyday and massages all the time. I want to go back!!!


HC: I bet. Take us in your suitcase on your next adventure please! So keeping it local - what are your top 3 things to do in Aberdeen?

B: Oh this is a tricky one, well I suppose one of them has to socializing with the people here- I wouldn’t have met all my friends if it hadn’t been for Aberdeen. I also really like going to Stonehaven and getting fish and chips and getting Auntie Bessy’s ice cream with all the toppings! Lastly, I also like going out for dinner, there are loads of really good restaurants here. (Oh dear, all I have talked about is food!! I’m such a foody!!!)


HC: Us HC girls know quite a bit about food too. We’ve heard many girls complimenting your look from the Law Ball in February- can you tell us the details from the night?

B: I got my dress from ASOS and I absolutely loved it, except I kept thinking I looked like a bride!! It was just so white! And then I was so worried about spilling wine on it, but luckily I only got one spilt beer over the dress at the end of the night so that’s not too bad!!! For my hair I knew I wanted to have it up but I wasn’t really sure how I could do it. I popped in two French plaits at the side (I always have French plaits in my hair, they are just so easy) and kind of created a messy bun with curls coming out of it. My hair was so tuggy the next day with so many curby grips in!!

HC: Oh gosh, we bet. It was definitely worth it- we all thought you looked beaut. And our final question to you is what are your plans after graduating?

B: First I feel like I need to get to graduation, it seems like a massive way away with lots of placement and essays to get through first! But after that, as a primary teacher, I will get a one-year job guaranteed so I will start that in August with my own wee class. Hopefully I will get put back home in Edinburgh but I have chosen Aberdeen as well so I might be back here.

HC: We hope so, Aberdeen wouldn’t be the same without you Becky. Thanks so much for being this week’s Campus Cutie!