Campus Celeb: Mr Scott Cummings!

Name: Mr Scott Cummings 

From: Bonnyrigg, Midlothian 

Age: 20 

Studies: Law 

This week Her Campus caught up with the fun-loving 3rd year, Scott Cummings! This Campus Celeb is this years law class rep and is also currently the only male member of the Aberdeen University Cheerleading Society. Lets find out more about his life at the University of Aberdeen!



HC: Why did you decide to study law? 

SC: All my teachers kept telling me the thing I was best at was arguing with people, so law seemed like the natural area to go into! 


HC: So youre the law class rep, do you enjoy having that role? 

SC: Its good because it means that I get to be more involved in uni, and I have met a lot of people in other years that are on the same course.  Its a bit daunting when I have to address the rest of my year group though! 


HC: Sounds pretty nerve-racking! We hear you have had loads of fun since joining the Aberdeen University Cheerleading Society last year; what are the advantages and/or disadvantages of being the only male member? 

SC: I would say it is an advantage because I obviously stick out quite a bit, but I can use that to my advantage to try and get noticed more than others- even if my skills arent as good.  Sometimes I worry that it is a disadvantage because it means that when we compete, the team has to compete in differing categories to the ones they would compete in if I wasnt there, but nobody seems to mind! 



HC: Her Campus thinks you are super talented, we loved watching you at the Granite City showcase last year! How would you encourage other males to join the society? 

SC: I would say never knock something until you’ve tried it.  A lot of guys think its too girly to do, but I tried it because it looked like a laugh and Ive never enjoyed something so much- Its the best part of my week!  Lots of guys probably look at me and think that Im too girly, that theyre different to me and wouldnt fit in, but everyone is so welcoming and the girls would probably love some more guys around.  Remember, as cheerleaders we dont just lift heavy weights, we lift people- whats not masculine and challenging about that!? And also guys; consider the fact that I spend my entire day holding girls’ butts and then think about whether you want to try it out! 


HC: Well if that doesnt encourage them we dont know what will! So, what are your favourite things to do in Aberdeen? 

SC: I don’t actually spend a lot of my spare time in Aberdeen, but other than going out every night of the week, I really enjoy the beach.  It such a nice place to just go and chill for an hour or two. If you have a spare few hours, I would recommend taking a drive to Stonehaven and enjoying the beach down there as its such a lovely place to walk around! 


HC: What has been your highlight of Aberdeen University so far? 

SC: I found 1st year really stressful, so I would say my entire 2nd year at uni was a highlight.  I joined cheer, made so many new friends, and overall just enjoyed my university experience so much more!  The Law ball was a great experience last year and Im looking forward to that again, as well as the Sports Ball. 



Favourite food? – Pizza of course 

Perfect date? - That's a tough one. I'd have to sayApril 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket. 

Pet hate? – Spoilt people 

Guilty pleasure? – A Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon 

Biggest fear? – That I wont be successful  


Come on, youre a celeb - of course youll be successful! Thank you Scott, we cant wait to see more of you cheering this year! 

life at the University of Aberdeen!