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Campus Celeb: Miss Ellie Rowbotham!

This week’s Campus Celeb is none other than this year’s Hockey President, Eleanor “Ellie” Rowbotham. Studying Accounting and Finance, this girl is on top of all the numbers while battling with the 1XI week in and week out.

As one of AUWHC’s biggest characters, Ellie is a great girl. She’s easy to get along with and is a perfect representation of what AUWHC is all about. Let’s find out a bit more about Ellie and hockey…

LH: Why did you decide to play hockey at University?

ER: I played a lot of hockey while at school and I just loved it; the training, the matches, playing at different venues and the camaraderie with my teammates. I joined AUWHC for a similar experience; a way to mix with other girls who have a similar mentality as well as it being a fun way to keep fit.

LH: I can definitely relate to that! Whats the best thing about being a member of AUWHC?

ER: We have four teams, which means that there is plenty of scope for girls of all abilities to play a competitive match, despite their previous experiences. Hockey has become such a huge part of my life and most of my friends here in Aberdeen represent AUWHC too! We hold regular social events throughout the year, some of which are joint with AUMHC and they are always fun evenings. Every year we go on tour, previous years have included Spain, Ireland and Croatia, and it usually transpires to be the best week of the year!

LH: (Fun fact: Ellie famously got corn rows on our tour to Spain in 2014!) What is the best thing about playing a match?

ER: Matches are what we train for. I look forward to them and get nervous in equal measures, especially if it is a big game like the Granite City Challenge (against RGU, where we remain undefeated). I love the competitiveness when both teams want to win, and the feeling of being victorious is the best, especially if the game has been tough and we have had to really dig deep to get through, it’s then when the training really pays off.

LH: What else did you get up to during your summer?

ER: I love summer! During summer I get to go home to Yorkshire to spend time with my family and friends, which does not happen too often!  I also travelled to the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean which was so idyllic! There I learnt how to sail, I swam with a shark and I spent two hours a day swinging on the flying trapeze. I have done this every summer for the last twelve years and it is great to get the adrenaline pumping!

LH: Wow! What is your biggest achievement to date?

ER: At 17 I learnt how to drive in 10 days from being a complete beginner!!

LH: Now that is quite impressive! And finally, what piece of advice would you give to any freshers?

ER: Enjoy and savour the university experience as it passes really quickly! Say ‘yes’ to as many opportunities as possible; joining sports teams, societies, work placements etc. You will pick up skills that are likely to be of value in the future and transferable as well as socialising!

Considering this girl is all about hockey, it’s amazing she has any time to do anything else! But Ellie is a superwoman and this summer, along with three other hockey girls, they completed the Edinburgh Marathon as a relay! They completed it in under 3hr and 45 minutes, which is such an amazing achievement. The girls were raising money for leukemia and lymphoma, so congratulations to you and the others, Ellie!

It’s been a pleasure chatting to you Ellie! We will look out for the 1XI games and wish you luck in your next year! HCXO<3

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