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It’s that time of year again where hundreds are fresh faced freshers storm the streets of campus wearing their pre-planned outfits, flawless hair and make-up and vague lost expression.

This naive display of preparation and co-ordination will last approximately 3 weeks. Then come the hangovers, the deadlines and the dwindling savings and campus starts to look much less like a catwalk. Here are three must have campus items that will you keep you on trend and on time.


Skinny Jeans save lives. Despite the more persistent appearance of flares on AW14 catwalks, skinny jeans will always remain a wardrobe requirement. Finding the perfect fitting jeans is the equivalent of discovering fashion’s Holy Grail and the place to do this 90% of the time, is in Topshop. At 9am on a Thursday morning with a Wednesday night Institute hangover, it is very unlikely any amount of effort will go into deciding the days outfit, the nearest jeans and jumper will be utilised very often in these situations, so having the perfect pair at hand will make the day a little more bearable!


Having an Oversized Jumper will likely be one of many, many layers needed to survive the harsh weather in Aberdeen, but it is a necessary one. Slogan jumpers and tees that dominated last season are now being phased out as designers become less vocal and focus more on embroidery and fabric. An oversized knit, blanket coat or cape will compliment those skinny jeans or disguise that ‘freshers fifteen’ we all inevitably gain from drinking our way through freshers week and curing the hangovers the next morning. Zara is the ideal haunt for all things wool and oversized.

Get a Bigger Bag. This is another staple item that is both practical and presentable. The day in a life of a university student usually requires more then a few outfit changes, carrying around; your Gym kit, an outfit for meeting the girls for a drink, a pair of GHD’s, your Makeup bag, your platforms, a preemptive outfit to avoid a potential walk of shame, and then of course you may actually have to attend class at some point… the range of required clothes and accessories and the space in your handbag may not be compatible. When it comes to a bag for university, the bigger the better. 

Okay, so this is probably not a great example- expensive and impractical- but you catch my drift! 

Sophie is a third year History and Politics student (mixing it up with a bit of French on the side) with a keen interest in planning events, fitness and creating culinary based articles. Being a member of Her Campus allows her to combine these two interests by regularly writing articles for the Health and Fitness section as well as planning the social events for the chapter.
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