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The Best Eco-Friendly Brands

The most eco-friendly way of buying clothing is buying second-hand. But if you don’t have second-hand stores near you, you can always shop online or on apps such as Vinted or Depop.

Another option is to send the clothing you do not want anymore to the company Big Sister Swap. In return, they send other clothing back to you. It’s an amazing way to get second-hand clothes almost free – you only have to pay postage

If you want to buy new clothes, or you just can’t find what you need in second-hand stores, the following are amazing options to buy from. This is because they care about the environment and pay fair salaries to their workers.

Here we go!

#1 Package Free Shop:

Read about the Package Free Shop here.

For everyday items, Package Free Shop has about everything you may need from the best zero-waste brands, including a biodegradable vibrator. They want to make it accessible and easy for everyone to live a zero-waste lifestyle. As they say themselves; they are on a mission to make the world less trashy.

#2 Alternative Apparel:

Find this pullover here.

When trying to buy clothing you should check out Alternative Apparel – a fashion lifestyle brand best known for comfort, simplicity and its commitment to sustainability. Through innovative apparel design and involvement in purposeful causes, it aims to connect people, inspire creativity, and catalyze change.

#3 HURR collective:

Read an article about HURR here.

If you have a fancy event and want a ‘new’ dress for that occasion you can rent one through HURR. Self-named the Airbnb of fashion, HURR wants to allow women to share wardrobes quickly and safely. You can also lend your own clothing that you don’t use often, but aren’t keen to donate.

#4 Ten Thousand Villages:

Check out this bracelet here.

For jewelry, check out Ten Thousand Villages; a maker-to-market shop that is committed to being ethical at every step of the process – from the creation of the product until you buy it. Sadly, their products are not available in Europe just yet.

#5 Mireia Playà:

Find these heeled boots here.

For shoes, Mireia Playà is a self-titled brand designed in Barcelona and made in Alicante. None of Mireia Playà’s products have any animal origin, following her vegan values. Her shoes are made with high-quality textiles alternative to leather-like textile covered polymers or microfibers. It is absolutely sweatshop-free and the brand supports various NGOs that give voice to projects that fight for animal rights.

#6 Groceries Apparel:

Check out this cute hoodie here.

Groceries Apparel has great workout clothes that are organic and use non-toxic dyes and 100% recycled fabrics. They praise themselves on their transparency and give fair salaries to their workers. To ensure that they meet all of their claims, they have their own factory.

#7 Zephyr:

Get ‘The Dylan bag’ here.

Zephyr is a London based brand inspired by the 70s that respects the environment and their workers. The brand makes and sells 100% vegan products and organic materials. Also, those employed at the Zephyr factory are all long-term unemployed women from the local community! Zephyr just came out with their first product, ‘The Dylan Bag’, which is a really cool bag available in three colors.

#8 Naked Intersection:

Find this simple bralette here.

For underwear, you should check out Naked Intersection whose designs are inspired by comfort and minimalism, and made to accentuate the curves of women’s bodies; their fabrics are local and reclaimed, or from natural fibers, and made in a small factory in Los Angeles.

#9 Pela:

Grab this cute case here.

For phone cases, check out Pela which is a brand that makes compostable phone cases and zero-waste screen protectors. 5% of their sales go towards the causes they support.

Above are a lot of amazing eco-friendly options, but keep in mind that there are a lot more brands out there to meet your needs and budget!

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