Best Date Night Spots in Aberdeen

Best Date Night Spots in Aberdeen


Aberdeen, although not as big in size as the likes of Edinburgh or Glasgow, has its fair few date-night spots. There’s something for everyone, and every date. So whether you’re looking to get cosy in a dimly lit pub for some chilled drinks, or would prefer somewhere slightly more lively, vodka shots a plenty, or somewhere more food based  - Aberdeen has it covered.


The Craftsman


The Cosy One: The Craftsman

A café by day, and a bar by night, The Craftsman makes the cosiest place for a date night. They specialise in craft beers, but don’t worry if that’s not your kinda thing; they have a huge list of Scottish gins, wine, and cocktails. When I was there, the barman actually made me his very own concoction and it was 10/10. Plus, the windows are full of the most insta-worthy fairy lights.


The not too pub-esque, Pub: The Illicit Still

The Illicit Still can make a cute place for some drinks in a very casual setting. Still got those cosy vibes and is super dimly lit and rustic, but a good option if you want something a bit more laidback. Also, drinks are super cheap for students (£2.50 for most drinks!)


The Cocktail One: Revolution/Revolution De Cuba

I feel like everyone and their Mum has already been here numerous times, but if you fancy a slightly more lively option for date night then it’s a great option, and who doesn’t rate a pornstar martini (or three)?


The Classy One: Grape and Grain

I personally still haven’t had a chance to try here, but the interior looks beaut (another Insta-worthy spot) and seems like a classier, more up-market offering than your typical Aberdeen bar.


The Gin Lover’s One: Rye and Soda

More restaurant-y vibes, but also a great place just for some drinks. They have a ridiculously extensive gin selection and amazing food too. I also recommend for a great breakfast spot, breakfast dates are so under-rated!

Rye and Soda


The Lunch One: Cognito on The Corner


Their huge sharing platters make here a great spot for some lunch, but also great for a dinner option too. Its snug setting is also super cute for a date, either as just the two of you or with a group.