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A Beginner’s Guide to Going Green in the Bathroom

Want to go eco-friendly in your vanity room but don’t know where to start? This post will tell you how one product at a time.

Let’s start you off easily.


This is pretty much a no-brainer, as mostly everybody knows it’s better to use curd soap than to buy plastic containers filled with chemicals. There are many variations and scents of curd soap, so you will not suffer too much loss. Another perk: you will save money, as curd soap is mostly way cheaper. Try getting completely packaging- free soap at your local eco-store.

Credit: Tailored Soap


For many guys and gals out there, going shampoo free or “no-poo” is an option. Not for me, though. I’ve got extremely needy hair, so I had to go green without quitting cold turkey. The solution: Shampoo bars!

You can get these almost anywhere, but I prefer the ones from LUSH. I get the pink one (they have different colors for any hair!). At first the price may seem a bit high, but they really do last you for ages. Well worth the investment.

As for conditioner, I kind of ditched that. But of course, my hair does need moisture. For this I simply use olive or avocado oil. It is as easy as that! Depending on your hair length, massage in one to four drops of oil.

Credit: Lush Store UK Website Screenshot as of 19/11/19


First of all: do you really need them? Coarse salt or sugar have them same effect and are basically the main ingredient in artificial scrubs anyway. Using salt or sugar instead saves you around 20-100 dollars a year!

As a conclusion: it’s really simple making small changes. And as we all know… making small changes can have big effects.

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