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Becoming the Main Character: Creativity Boost

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Welcome back to another instalment of ‘Becoming the Main Character’ where I divulge my tips and tricks on how to get that ‘main character energy’ we all deserve. This week’s topic is how to boost your creativity/motivation! 

Getting in touch with your creative side is very important. There are many benefits of creativity, for example creative outlets can be used to help you to process complex emotions or just to bring you joy. There are also many different creative avenues to explore. Whether you like to paint, write, dance, make music, or any number of other activities, taking part in or witnessing creative expression can bring you a lot of happiness. However, in our increasingly busy lives it can sometimes be challenging to find the time or motivation to be creative.  

Therefore, this week I decided to enlist the help of my fellow writers here at HCAU to compile our best tips and tricks that will help you kick-start your creativity and motivation to do the things you love. So, without further ado, here’s what we came up with: 

  1. Look for inspo/ideas online! Places like Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy, etc. are great for finding inspiration for your crafts and you may even find a brand new activity to try.  
  1. Make space to be creative! Make sure to set aside time to be creative regularly. Life can get hectic and if you don’t flex those creative muscles for a while, it can be hard to get back into it.  
  1. Do the things you love and indulge in your passions! You will feel more excited to do creative things if you find something you feel passionately about. Don’t be afraid to listen to your instincts and follow where they take you.  
  1. Create a warm and inspiring environment to get creative in! Atmosphere is so important as the things you surround yourself with can have an unconscious, but lasting impact on you.  
  1. Try a brainstorming activity! This one is particularly for my fellow writers (especially creative writing). Take a blank piece of paper, pick a random topic and just write anything that comes to mind. Alternatively, set aside 5mins to write down your stream of consciousness. Either way these free flowing notes may have within them the beginnings of a new piece.  
  1. Speak to people! I have found so much inspiration from just speaking to people about things. Sometimes someone will say something to you and it sparks an idea that you never have thought of by yourself. 
  1. Collaborate with others! In a similar vein to the previous tip, working on a project with other people, or even working on solo projects next to each other, can boost your motivation and desire to work on a project.  
  1. Get out of your comfort zone! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Sometimes the best ideas come from taking a chance on something you weren’t sure would work.  
  1. Take a break! Sometimes when we are stuck, taking a break to focus on something else can give your brain the break it needs to start again. Go for a walk, get out of your head, do something else while you are thinking of what to do next. 
  1.  Stay positive! When you are struggling to get motivated and be creative, it can be easy to become downhearted and wallow in negative emotions. However, trying to focus on the positive can boost your mood and the happier you are, the more you want to do things! 
Kate Moran

Aberdeen '22

Kate Moran | They/Them Psychology Student
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