Ball Gown Inspiration for Every Shape

With the Kings Ball (and many other dances) just around the corner we thought you might need some help on finding the best ball dress for your shape!

According to a German fashion blog ‘diemodefluesterin’ (in English ‘The Fashion Whisperer’), there are five body types for women. You can be type A, H, or even T!  Don’t fret, Her Campus Aberdeen is here to make it much easier for you. If you follow these rules, you will more likely find the perfect ballroom dress that will flatter your body. There are two things which you need to determine your body type: a large mirror and good visual skills! Compare your body with those of the following stars. Focus on the middle, contours and then on the overall view of your body.

Pear-shaped (Kim Kardashian): You should go for form-fitting dresses! A fitted top, and full or a-line-skirt looks good on you.

Apple-shaped (Jennifer Hudson): An empire dress will look nice on the middle of your body. A higher waist line is something you could look for as it doesn’t have to be as tight in your problem area. You could wear a shorter dress, if you have athletic legs.

Hour-glass (Beyoncé): You can consider yourself lucky, when you have an hour-glass shaped body as it means you’re naturally well proportioned. There is no need for hiding anything and almost any style will suit!

Busty (Jennifer Hudson): If you’re busty, you have to choose: attention on the coverage or on the dress. For the coverage, use a beautiful neckline. But when you want less, buy a dress which will attract the eye towards the hem.

Slender (Natalie Portman): To add more curves to your body, try to draw attention to your bust line or a dress that bells out.

Petite (Natalie Portman again!): Delicate feminine dresses suit you best. Showing a little leg with an asymmetrical hemline will make you look much taller. Avoid floor length gowns and full skirts because you will drown in those dresses. A wrap dress is ideal for your waist.


So we thought it was all very well applying these body shapes to celebrities, but what about our real life girls? Well here are some examples from Her Campus writers:



Anna has an hour-glass figure, but according to the German fashion blog, she has a type X figure which means she should accentuate her bustline and avoid to show off her shoulders. However, Anna has chosen this black dresses which indeed flatters her body while “breaking the rules”, which shows you can rock any type of dress you want with confidence!

Anna says, “My body shape seems to be the X shape. I have broad shoulders and a less broad waist, so that dresses with pompous shoulders and sleeves make me look like a body builder. That is why I decided to go with a sleeveless gown. The décolleté creates an impression that my neck is longer. The dress goes down to just above the knees and so hides my thighs that are a bit broad. Black always goes. It is classic, simple and elegant at the same time. The little Swarowski diamonds on the left side give a festive touch to the gown.”



Natala is athletic, slender and petite at the same time. Here she draws attention to her bust and shows off her legs. It is not only the style of the dress which makes her look enchanting, but the blue colour also goes very well with her skin tone.



Alison has a pear-shaped body. She says about her dress: “I always go for dark colours around my hips, you can't really see, but there is a looser flowing material and then detail on my top half.”



Ellé-Jay is both athletic and apple-shaped. She has this to say on her style comparing it with her friend: “I'm in the green and I've got really wide shoulders and an athletic build, so I need straps on a dress to cover up my shoulders, but that's all I can think of – haha! My friend Megan, in the orange, has a strong build with a big bottom, so she chose a dress to flatter that.”


What are you wearing to the ball??


Private pictures from Her Campus Aberdeen Writers: Anna Murazanova, Natala Janda, Alison MacDonald and Ellé-Jay Cowan (Thank you again!)