Back to School (Uniform) Dressing!

(An article dedicated to Blair Waldorf) 


You’re probably having flashbacks to tantrums of frustration and years of teenage angst when I mention the words Back to School or School Uniform. For some reason these phrases seem to make us squirm at the thought of being a misunderstood teenager who is not allowed to express their own creative flare when walking through the doors of education. Some may have got off lightly and managed to stylishly tweak their outfits to stay on trend, and even some managed to look vaguely attractive and fashionable in theirs. Others were not so lucky. Whichever category of the above you may fall into, I’m sure there will be confusion or outright horror when I suggest you take up uniform dressing at University. Here’s why: 



1. It’s so simple - swap T-SHIRTS for SHIRTS OR POLO SHIRTS. This is arguably the easiest way to look chic every day at University. Want to give off the “I have my life together vibe? Simply throw on a shirt and you’re good to go. One of the rules I hated at school was white shirts only, but now you can pull off any colour/ pattern you wish without being sent to the headmaster’s office. Polo shirts are a godsend - and the cheapest piece of clothing you’ll ever buy. Snap up a few pairs when BTS season hits – you’ll be shocked at the fact you can still fit into the age 15-16 in the kid’s department. I’m pretty sure they created that size for University girls anyway.

2. If it’s good enough for Blair Waldorf - it’s good enough for us. Years of lusting over Blair’s school wardrobe left me in floods of jealousy as she so effortlessly styled her uniform around the guidelines. Get your hands on some long socks, blazers, and cute neckties to get the Upper East Side look in the Granite City. Not to mention the hairbands which raised B’s queen status to a new level.

3. You probably already own a lot of garments that fit into the uniform style. Pairing them together is what gives you a serious student uniform look and will keep you motivated to learn throughout the semester. Yes, we all have hangover days during which we pray our hoodies will swallow up our tired faces, as well as days where the only thing you own that are appropriate for Aberdeen weather are Wellies and a parka. But with uniform dressing you can effortlessly pair together a few items and know that the majority of the things in your wardrobe will work together – shirts, skirts and blazers. Add a preppy satchel or cute leather rucksack to the equation and you’ll be the most put together girl on campus.