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The Amazing HC Women! – Love Yourself(ie)

Love yourself(ie)


Confidence. It is a word we, at uni, are bombarded with. We are expected, as students, to be confident in our studies, in our work ethic, in our articulation and in our presentation both in and out of the classroom, and that’s just on campus. Today, both girls and guys are under constant pressure to keep up with the ever-changing face of what it is to be beautiful or handsome, both inside and out.


This week is eating disorder awareness week and I thought I would take the opportunity to raise awareness of the issue while at the same time trying to empower people to love themselves for them. Why does there need to be a definition for beauty? Why have we allowed the media and celebrity to make us feel unworthy of the word?


When I offered to tackle the taboo around eating disorders, it got me thinking. Why have we allowed the world to become a place where people, young and old, are going to such extreme lengths to fit in? Why do we have to resort to abusing our bodies in order to gain a sense of acceptance? Whether it is controlling our eating or even extreme plastic surgery, they are all having a negative impact on the person afflicted. I feel it is so important to spread the message that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It adds colour and diversity to our little world and keeps us interesting. Why should our bodies and minds suffer to fit a certain mould?


I want to pay homage to all the girls out there who are suffering. I want them to know that I stand alongside them. I too am insecure. I have always had a massive issue with my nose and I loath the fact that no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to get the Kardashian derriere I so long for. I have always said if I was to get any form of surgery, I would get my nose done and butt implants. My nose and bum, or lack there-of, are not insecurities that I have always had. They developed because of the magazines I read as a kid and the “Thinsparation” I was seeing inside them. I was a very active teenager, but I didn’t look like the girls in the magazines or on TV or in girl bands. Why didn’t I look like that? I WANT to look like that.


Eating Disorder Awareness week got me thinking about a few of my nearest and dearest who are suffering and struggling with this disease. What happened to make them so insecure that they were willing to go to such extreme lengths to feel beautiful? Why, despite being surrounded by love and friendship, were they still so unhappy?


I want everyone to know that they are beautiful. I know, its cliché, but I NEED for everyone to know they are beautiful. I was talking to my dearest friend about the project I am about to share with you all and when I asked her what she loved about herself, she truly couldn’t think of anything. Why? She is such a beautiful person. She makes me laugh, her smile is baffling and quite frankly, she is hot. Why can’t she see what I see?


After this shocking revelation, I decided to try something. What if I challenged all my Her Campus Aberdeen girls to tell me why or what they love about themselves through the medium of the selfie? I want to celebrate the deeply diverse world of beauty in which we live. I want everyone to love them for them. Everyone should feel pretty and awesome and worthwhile. Screw the stereotypes. Screw the supermodels. We are ALL supermodels. We all deserve to own the catwalk that is life and push all the downers out the way as we go. Long love the “Love yourself(ie)” Revolution! And before I go, world, meet my fierce HC Bitches!   

Naomi Grieve, Events Team, loves her smile! Lauren Henderson, Writer,  loves the gap in her teeth! Anna Ross, our amazing Events Chair, loves her hair <3. 

“I really love my eyes. They’re a beautifully wicked shade of green (see what I did there?) that I’ve never really seen before and I find that I can completely express my feelings through them. Freya Bachell- Her Campus Aberdeen Editor

I love my Tallness! “Ain’t no one gonna stop me wearing heels!” Rhona, one half of our co-presidency, loves the strength her body gives her and let’s put a face to those wicked green eyes. Freya B loves them eyes! 

Aleisha Douglas “I love my eyes because of their colour. Since I was small, I’ve had the same honest expression”. Darby Rourick loves her wavy hair and her green eyes! Emily Lovett Loves her sense of humour and we at HC can vouch for her hilarity! And the Second half of our Co-Presidency Miss Rachel Quinn loves her creativity <3.

Laura Rennie, our Secretary rocks her sun kisses and Alison our lady behind the HC Instagram loves her smile too <3

Fourth year student studying Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen. Social Secretary for University of Aberdeen HC Chapter
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