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I love soup. I love many different kinds of soup. I am a firm believer a “soup and a sandwich” is one of the greatest things to have ever happened to our society. There is something so completely fantastic and comforting about lentil soup in particular. It is the food equivalent of a warm hug sprinkled with happiness.  

It is just so simple, and just so good. I like homemade lentil soup, lentil soup in cafes, lentil soup for lunch, lentil soup for dinner, thinking about lentil soup… 

Other honourable mentions of top tier soups go to chicken noodle and the iconic and legendary classic that is tomato. Next time you feel sad or blue, or just need some liquefied joy in your life, have some lentil soup.  

I asked fellow University of Aberdeen students (aka my friends) what they thought of lentil soup. Here’s what they said: 

Kirsten Mcdonald: “Lentil soup tastes warm and happy.” “It reminds me of Christmas.” 

Neil Goodbrand: “If there was a monarchy involving soups, lentil would be its royal highness.” “10/10 would eat again.”  

Ross Notman: “Lentil soup is a fun filled exciting adventure for all the family. 5 Stars.”  

Nicholas Strachan: “I love lentil soup.”   

Abbie Toal

Aberdeen '22

English with Creative Writing student @ UofA
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