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A Controversial Ranking of Ways to Serve Potatoes

  1. Mashed  

I <3 mashed potatoes I would eat them all day every day if I could. 10/10 pure excellence 

  1. Vodka  

I’m counting this because vodka is made from potatoes. It may not TASTE good, but it is very versatile and effective at getting me drunk 

  1. Potatoes au gratin / dauphinoise potatoes  

These are two different dishes but with similar enough vibes I am ranking them together. Potato excellence at its finest.  

  1. Crisps  

A perfect snack made from potatoey goodness. Good vibes all round. 

  1. Curly fries  

Fries but more fun and with a superior seasoning.  

  1. Non curly fries/chips 

Both classics and great with most meals  

  1. Roast  

My friends will bully me viciously for ranking this so low. They are great sometimes, but I feel like I would only eat them if smothered in a LOT of gravy.  

  1. Baked  

Good with Baked beans and cheese 

  1. Boiled  


Honourable mentions I forgot about until after I wrote this list: loaded potato skins (perfect), potato wedges (perfect), potato croquettes (perfect), hash browns (PERFECT) and lastly, potato smiley faces (perfect). 

Abbie Toal

Aberdeen '22

English with Creative Writing student @ UofA
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