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Freshers: Five Ways to Document Your Memories at University

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As a sentimental person, COVID-19 has really stripped away a year’s worth of making beautiful memories with my amazing friends. I find me going into my fourth year desperately wanting to make this year count with the last of good university memories to look back on before being greeted by daunting adulthood. These are the ways I kept memories (back in first and second year) which isn’t just a good way of cherishing your memories, but are also fun to do! 

Video Montage/Second a Day 

Back in 2019, I found myself doing a ‘Second a Day’ video, where I recorded something every day and made one big yearly video of my antics. It proved to be very fun and as someone who also likes to edit videos, found the end result very rewarding!  

This year, I’ve decided to do a ‘Fourth Year Video Montage’, which won’t be limited to one second a day but any video with my friends I could possibly put to document my final year at university. I already can’t wait for the results! 


If you aren’t up for editing a huge video at the end, or are generally more of a picture person, I feel like this is the easiest way to make memories. Be that annoying person who wants to take pictures of everything, trust me you will be grateful later that you have that memory to look back on! Especially if you get drunk, sometimes a visual image can bring back everything to life! If you are up for it, you can even do a picture slideshow which is just as fun as a video!  


Once these pictures are taken, you can print them out and put them into a scrapbook for a visual memento. I have a scrapbook separated into different university years, which I fill up with calligraphy and washi tape. The best thing is you can do it as simple and minimalistic as you can, or go all out! If you don’t want to do as much decorating, a photo album is also a shout where you can just write the date it happened. 

Feature Wall 

My plan this year is to use my Polaroid camera more. I plan on making a large feature wall in my flat which will consist of me taking pictures with my friends with bucket hats on (yes I said bucket hats!). You can do this any way you feel free, but with my love and collection of bucket hats, this made the most sense to me. Take more pictures with your friends and hang them up, frame them, get creative! 

Get a Disposable Camera! 

Getting my first one for my 19th birthday back in first year, a disposable camera is an easy way to take more memories. The best part is, you have probably forgotten what you have taken pictures of until you get them 

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