7 Things Freshers are too Young to Remember…

7 Things Freshers are too Young to Remember…

As the semester quickly comes to an end, it gives us oldies time to procrastinate about the good old days when coursework didn’t count as a classification of how successful we are, and where time for socialising grew on trees. In a style that can only be described as being reminiscent of your grandmother’s stories of how ‘things were different in my day’, here’s our top 7 things that you will only know and remember if you were a Fresher pre 2012….


1. Double Topshop, double spends…

Yes, that’s right. Lets take a moment to mourn the loss of Topshop on Union Street. Now replaced with Cafe Nero, our high street best friend now only gives us one store to shop in in the grey city. Functioning mainly as a Topshop sale shop, to say we miss them is an understatement.


2. When Institute was Liquid and Underground was Korova.

This concept may seem all too confusing for you, and it is for us too. Our old minds are still calling these clubs the wrong names, and it’s been 2 years people. A special RIP to Liquid, the classiest of all nights out in Aberdeen.

3. Having to swim in King’s Pool.

Such a thing exists behind King’s College and any new Freshers will be completely unaware of this as who would want to swim in a small disgusting pool instead of an olympic standard aquatics centre? The name alone had me excited for about 3 years and trust us it was not a let down


4. Hector Boece was the Ghetto.

After being acquainted with some lovely Fresher boys this Halloween my friends and I quickly discovered that the power struggle in Hillhead was almost quite unrecognisable. No longer does the whole student village come together to verbally assault one building (all in good friendship). Hector Boece is no longer the Ghetto, apparently its actually nice in there now.


5. Socialising just isn’t the same.

Want to lie on a sofa whilst your friends bring you endless cups of tea whilst contemplating just how you’re going to finish all of that work for your sixth-century course. There was one place on campus every student knew: Alfie’s Cafe. Now it is no more: the sofas are still there, but the atmosphere is gone. We are also one step further away from ever having a union. Even we are not old enough to remember the good old days of Aberdeen Student Union, however RGU Union provided many a teenage cocktail no-one could say no to. It really saddens me that no Fresher will feel the shame of showing an Aberdeen Student ID to get in.


6. When we knew what was going on with the Grading System.

Seriously if anyone knows what this new system is all about, please message us. It would probably benefit our degrees.


7. Tiger Tiger. 

No Friday night will ever be the same again. No more complaining at how little they thought through the tikki bar downstairs, and loudly proclaiming about the need of a bridge in a nightclub. As a fresher Tiger was the club of dreams where the majority of your student loan was spent and many of our first tequila slammers were ever drunk. RIP.