5 Ways to Sprinkle Red into Your Valentine’s Day Look

There is no denying that red is a bold and somewhat daring color. For many, red is too intimidating of a color and rarely takes up much of one’s wardrobe. It is so comforting to avoid wearing bold colors and fade into the crowd. One article states that wearing red is ‘scientifically’ proven to motivate and empower the wearer. Apparently, winners wear red?? We are all winners, aren’t we!?


So this Valentine’s Day (and every day!), don’t shy away from wearing red. Even adding little red accents can take your look from basic to bad*ss.


Here are 5 easy ways to add a sprinkle of boldness and motivation to your next #OOTD, just in time for Valentine’s Day:


#1 A pair of striking red boots

Shop a selection of red boots online at Topshop.


#2 A radiant red statement hat

Buy a similar bold ‘Captain’s hat’ in red at H&M:


#3 Vibrant red nails

Rimmel London’s 60 Seconds Super Shine in Double Decker Red is absolutely gorgeous (I have it on right now!). You can purchase it at Superdrug, Amazon, Boots, and I even bought mine at Morrisons! Don’t forget to add a clear top coat for extra durability.


#4 An eye-catching red belt

Try this affordable and cute red belt from H&M:


#5 A bright red purse or bag

Shop a plentiful selection of bold red bags & purses online at ASOS (btw, @Mom, feel free to gift me any one of these :D ).



Photo links:

#1 Boots - https://goo.gl/images/CXnoGZ

#2 Hat - https://cdnb.lystit.com/photos/asos/961fec45/brixton-red-Baker-Boy-Hat-In-Burgundy-Cord.jpeg

#3 Nails - https://goo.gl/images/xFAfMk

#4 Belt - https://goo.gl/images/fP1ZQq

#5 Bag - https://goo.gl/images/eJSazx