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5 Types of Boys You’ll Meet at Uni

The Top 5 Boys Every Girl is Guaranteed to come across at uni…


So let’s face it, everyone who comes to Aberdeen University definitely does so for the 9am lectures, historical architecture and for the books in the Sir Duncan Rice Library… Okay maybe that’s not entirely accurate, but one thing we can be sure of is that every girl comes to Uni for a good time and hopefully not a long one. To experience memories (or lack of in some extreme hangover cases), make friends for life and let’s not forget the endless amounts (or slightly more limited considering that we are in Aberdeen) of new boys that come on the scene ready to attempt to sweep us chicks off our feet. As a fourth-year student, I feel it is my duty to pass my wisdom along to newcomers and give you a cheeky insight into the top 5 boys you will meet along the way. It’s fair to say that some you will remember and some you’ll wish you could forget, but let’s be honest it’s all part of the Uni experience.

  1. The Lad

We all know them: The group of boys who went to Magaluf last year with a 20 pack of condoms and came home with 19- most likely because he used the spare to throw water balloons off the balcony. Caution ladies! This lad has the chat, he has the moves and he probably also has a lads WhatsApp group called “Antics” that he updates with a progress report every ten minutes. Realistically he’s no Prince Charming, but that cheeky smile and a sport society tie to go. Add that onto his top banter and he’s definitely earned himself and friends an invitation to pre-drinks next Wednesday night. Failing that, just follow the smell of Lynx Africa and I am certain you’ll find that pot of gold (or copper)- we are students you know.



  1. The friends with benefits guy

He was your best pal. You got on so well. Laughing turns to flirting and before you know it, you’re checking your phone every 5 minutes to see if he responded to your Facebook meme that’s totally relatable to your flirtationship. He’s kind, cute, and totally your type on paper. The only difficulty here is that you do run the risk of ending up in the non-relationship/ relationship phase, which speaking from experience can be a hoot in the beginning with all the late night chats and massage Mondays, but trust me if you don’t DTR ASAP you may end up like myself and in an accidental relationship (that no longer exists) and lose one of your best pals.

Having said that, you could also end up finding the jam to your cream and living out your uni life happier than Mila and Ashton. Word of Advice: Grab the wine and popcorn, and watch friends with benefits before you jump feet first into this deep end.


  1. The f***boy

We’ve all seen him. We all know what he looks like (insert Adam from Love island here) Tall, sexy, muscly, with the scent of ego and musk circulating around him. His lock screen is probably loaded with potential tinder hookups and the background is a picture of himself flexing those abs in the gym mirror. Let be honest here gals- he’s hot. He’s dreamy. But I think it’s safe to say that shirt that’s three sizes too small for him definitely isn’t boyfriend material. I’d throw caution your way and tell you to exercise your total right as the best friend to cock-block all potential f**kboys on the horizon – grab a VK and keep searching.

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  1. The Guy that is totally not your type on paper

He’s everything you said you never wanted in a guy and yet you cannot stop yourself from wanting to be around him. You just love his company and everything he says is just so on your banter level, that you don’t notice 8pm turning to 2am. I think Charlotte from Sex and the City is a prime example here. I mean look at her and Harry – it’s pretty obvious he was punching and yet they’re somehow perfect for each other. This scenario is the ideal reminder to ignore that shallow tendency and take boys on their personality and charm, as opposed to face value. Throw that checklist out of the window, because I can promise you now, you’ll surprise yourself with what you find.



  1. The Nice guy

This is him. The guy most of our Facebook memes are about. The guy that will bring you a hot water bottle, because he knows you’re cold, or the guy that will give you all kinds of advice because he wants the best for you. For a lucky few of us, he ends up being the One – but in my case, these are the STRICTLY platonic relationships that manifest into beautiful friendships and lead to you being the only girl in a house of four. I can safely say that these have been the most cherished relationships I have formed at Uni in four years and have just returned from a ‘lads’ holiday in Spain with them, I can agree that nice boys might finish last, but they learned a lot more than any of the others who are running the race.


So there you have it girls, the 411 on the 007’s. What’s the best advice I can offer you as you begin your hunt through the man jungle? Be yourself, respect yourself, be safe, and most importantly: don’t ever settle for anything less than you feel you’re worth. Boys are boys, but your confidence is all about you and let’s face it: you’re the main character in your own movie. You can’t win them all, but then it only took one for Prince charming to wake up Sleeping Beauty (if you believe in that sort of thing)

Shannon is a fourth year history student studying at the University of Aberdeen. When she isnt in class or working as a waitress, you can find her walking the dogs around the country, trying out new dinner recipes or scrolling endlessly through ASOS. Find her on Instagram: Shannyd100
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