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5 Things You’ll Learn During your First Month at University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

5 Things You’ll Learn During Your First Month at University:

  1. Budgeting is a lot more important than you thought. When that triple SAAS payment hits your account in September, you think you can buy whatever you want, but remember – having enough food in the fridge is more important than having a new pair of shoes or jeans!
  2. Food shopping is harder than it seems. The new sense of freedom of being able to put whatever you want in the trolley can lead to some very bad decisions being made. Who needs chicken or salad when you can have 5 bags of crisps and 2 tubs of ice cream?
  3. Everyone will miss home and it’s ok to admit that you do! Moving away from home is difficult and it’s a learning curve for everyone. 
  4. Fresher’s Week mistakes are quickly forgotten. You may have thought that you would never live down sleeping with some creepy guy or passing out butt naked in your bathroom but much worse things will happen throughout the year.
  5. You underappreciated your Mum so much when you stayed at home. Your mum is now your new role model. Everything from her top notch Sunday Dinners to her calming and supportive words makes you realise how much of a saint your mum actually is! You’ll also realise that you miss her a lot more than you ever thought you would.
Holly Judge

Aberdeen '19

MA English Graduate 2018 and PGDE Secondary (English) student 2018-19. President of Her Campus Aberdeen 2018-2019