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The 4 Guys You’ll Date Before You Meet The One

The 4 Guy’s You’ll Date Before Meeting ‘The One’

The Non-Committal

This guy isn’t the worst you’ve come across but he is just soooo FRUSTRATING. You’ll go on date after date, and continuously hang out- maybe you’re even in the same friend group. But god knows that this chap will never be your boyfriend. He can’t and won’t ever commit to you. Keep this in mind because trust me there will be times where it will feel like it’s becoming a relationship but it never will be. He’ll turn to you when he needs someone to talk to and you’ll be there. He’ll probably even introduce you this his friends and family. He definitely fancies you and probably likes you but he JUST. CAN’T. COMMIT. If you can commit and you wanna be in a relationship- then he’s not the one, so move on. Next!

The First Love

Now this is the boy that you met in your teens and, let’s be honest with ourselves, you fell head over heels for him. He was your dream man, well we say man but we mean boy. First loves have a way of coming in and out of your life but remember that you’re not 15 forever. It didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now.. Just like every other fashion trend that was cute in 2012 it should be left in that era and forgotten about. Let’s get you something more up-to-date. Times have changed, your love interest should too.

The Rebound

WHAT WAS I THINKING- is probably the phrase you scream when he appears on your Facebook timeline. Look it was a rough month, the boy you were super into seriously messed you around so you needed a distraction. This distraction came in the shape of a boy. He was fine for the moment and look it’s alright to live in the moment but it’s not a long term solution. He wasn’t Mr-right at the time and now he’s just Mr-mistake. Don’t spend too long worrying about this one, but never ever repeat it.

The Bad Boy

Also known as the BNOC, Lad, Cheeky chappy, I mean the list goes on. Right, I get it. After a long list of boring, beige dates you’ve taken the plunge and opted for the guy that’s super confident and charming. Chances are that it’s a practised routine, after sending you a text he’s copying it and pasting it to the rest of his female contact list. It’ll be back and forth between him committing, letting you down, asking to be exclusive then telling you he’s seeing other people- it’s an ongoing struggle. Don’t give into the charm and although he may make you laugh more than anyone else you’ve ever fancied, you can’t trust him, can’t depend on him and bad boys aren’t the ones who stay.

If you’re still going round in circles with one of these guys have the confidence that the one isn’t too far away. For those of you have already met the love of your life- congrats! Please, answer just one question does he have a cute friend?

Good luck & happy dating


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