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4 Annoying Things All Boyfriends Say


Boyfriends are interesting creatures. Lovable, for the most part (hopefully), however they also seem to possess the “amazing” ability to drive us absolutely mad, sometimes with just one short sentence. Let’s look at the top 4 contenders:

  1. Why Are You Annoyed At Me?


This may also come in the form of “are you annoyed/angry/mad?” the adjectives are interchangeable, but the irritation the sentence brings is constant. Mostly because they should KNOW exactly what made you feel this way and what they could have done to change the outcome. Nevertheless, we’ll still insist that we’re not annoyed. Just disappointed. Because that’s worse. Guilt trip those suckers ladies.


  1. Don’t Worry About It


This one stings. Because although they can insist that it’s cute an encouraging, it’s a half-assed answer to an issue they don’t understand. How could they give you advice on what to say to your gal pal who’s dating the same guy for the 3rd time, they have less of a clue than you- there’s no hope! Fellow boyfriends out there, although you don’t have all of the answers at least give us a bit of effort. Por favor!



  1. Call Me If You Need Anything

Although not on the same level of annoying as the previous two points, it’s still mentionable. Picture the scene: you’re heading out on a gals’ night, drinks are most definitely in the cards, and just as you’re leaving the pres this text comes through. This can go either way, 1) you’ll think it’s cute and move on with your night or 2) everyone’s favourite option, and my personal choice, you’ll take that as a free invitation to call and beg for a lift home from town at 2am when you can’t walk in a straight line and have lost an eyelash. NOT CUTE! Your boyfriend will hate you for approx. 2 days and it’ll all happen again when it hits Saturday evening. Just do not even go there!



And finally,


  1. You Only Want It Because I Have It!

Right, maybe this one is just me. But why does food look so much nicer when your boyfriend is about to eat it? At this point I feel like they should just accept it- after all you do so much for them and put up with all of their annoying traits, they may as well let you off with just this one. It’s sooooo annoying when they complain about it, god just gimme at least 3 of those French fries!



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