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21st Birthday Gift Guide

Most of us come to university straight from school; a young duckling set free to explore the wonderful world of living alone, lectures and Liquid Wednesdays. However, we all too soon reach that inevitable age, the end of the teens, and before we know it we’ve hit another milestone – 21.  


There will always be a period in your life where you seem to be attending a 21st birthday party every other weekend (at least it’s not a wedding) and although getting glammed up and dancing the night away is an awful lot of fun, it’s often difficult to know what gift to get for the birthday Princess or Prince.  





HC have come up with a 21st birthday gift guide to help you through this difficult period of gift-buying and party go-ing 


1. First we’ll start with the classic…you can never go wrong with a bottle of alcohol. Whether it be prosecco, champagne, whiskey or tequila, just find out their favourite and buy a nice bottle bag and pop a bottle in it – gift sorted!  Their pre-drinks for the next few months will be sorted!




2. Bank balance not too great at the moment? Bake a cake! No matter what kind of party it is, a cake will never go down a miss. People love eating, cake needs to be eaten – the perfect solution.  It’s also a great way to give someone a gift that you’ve put time and effort into making yourself which is always that little bit more special. Perhaps the cake below is a little ambitious however…





3. Fancy a more traditional gift? A horseshoe has traditionally been given as a 21st birthday gift wishing the receiver luck on their future life as a fully-fledged adult. You can even get them personalised online!  




4. Looking for something slightly more sentimental, then a scrapbook/photo album is always a well-appreciated gift. Collect funny pictures of you two together, add in some creative captions and voila – the perfect B.F.F. gift and something they will keep forever.  




5. We at HC always think the best gift you can give is spending time with your best friend. So a perfect gift may be an experience! You can always find vouchers for afternoon tea for 2 or spa trips on Groupon and It Is On and its the perfect way to spoil your bestie and get a good catch up. You’ll also probably win the award for the best present!



We hope this helps you when you’re searching for last minute birthday gifts!

I am a fourth year law student studying LLB Hons and about to enter the scary world of work. My passion is gymnastics however I recently suffered an injury putting me out of the sport for 2 years so I've decided to give writing a go. My favourite things are a relaxing playlists, gin and finding a good book.
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