10 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Is Us

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch This Is Us

This is Us is a Tv series focusing on a young couple who are about to have triplets. Set in 1980, the show displays all the challenges they face as a couple leading to the pregnancy and after the triplets are born. Additionally, the show flicks between 1980 and 2016/17 to show the triplets’ lives now, in modern day. We get an emotional insight to the interlinking lives of both the triplets and parents and how they make connections in their individual lives.


  1. Milo Ventimiglia is one of the main characters, and we absolutely loved him as Jesse in Gilmore Girls. Seeing him play a dad and husband in the show makes your heart melt.



  1. Watching the show leaves feeling you so uplifted and positive.


  1. The triplets, when younger, are the cutest little things.


  1. The show deals with some very important issues such as adoption, body issues, loss, cancer and race.


  1. It’s going to restore a lot of your faith in the world. The show has so much good, positivity and hints on how to overcome hurdles that life gives you.



  1. We get to see singer Mandy Moore in a domestic situation, as a mother of 3 adorable children, and she does an amazing job.


  1. Kevin – one of the triplets is some serious eye candy.


  1. If you’re a hopeless romantic, Toby will restore your faith in love. Toby is one of the main characters in 2016/17 and has a huge part in triplet Kate’s life.


  1. There’s a lot of funny moments in the show that will make you giggle.



  1. It will make you cry, but it’s gonna be a mixture of happy and sad tears.


So grab your PJs, some tissues, a fluffy blanket and some chocolate, and have a night in watching season 1, because guess what?  The show has been renewed for 2 more seasons!