10 Hottest Female Celebs Over 40

It’s the sequel you’ve all been waiting for!


Way back in May of this year, I wrote a little article ranking some of the hottest male celebs over the age of 40. As much fun as that was, never let it be said that we here at HerCampus Aberdeen aren’t supportive of women (and let’s be honest, they age just as well, if not better than men, no matter what Hollywood says).

So without further ado, let’s dive in and look at some of the hottest women over the age of 40!


#1 Sofia Vergara (47)

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She’s hilarious, she’s smart, she married everyone’s favourite on-screen stripper Joe Manganiello, and Modern Family wouldn’t be half as good without her! Sofia Vergara, originally from Colombia, is currently the highest-paid TV actress in the world and honestly, if it means seeing more of her on-screen, I don’t mind that she earns more money per episode than I’ll earn in my entire life.


#2 Angela Basset (61)

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What is there to say about living legend Angela Basset that hasn’t been said already? Known for portraying singer Tina Turner (for which she rightly won a Golden Globe), and to younger viewers as queen of Wakanda in 2018’s Black Panther, all we really want to know is how she hasn’t aged at all since the 90s???


#3 Helen Mirren (74)

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I know she’s technically only a Dame, but isn’t it time we just declared Helen Mirren the new Queen of England? I won’t even begin to list all her iconic roles and the awards she’s won for them, so let’s all just take a minute to think about the fact that she’s still rocking it on-screen and be grateful that we get to live in the same time period as her.


#4 Winona Ryder (47)

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If you say you didn’t have a crush on Winona Ryder in Heathers or Edward Scissorhands then you’re both a liar and a coward. Since the 90s, she’s continued taking on award-winning roles and most recently could be seen as the caring mother Joyce Byers in Netflix’s Stranger Things.



#5 Thandie Newton (46)


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English actress Thandie Newton has been crushing it for years, but has recently gained even more recognition for her role in the show Westworld. Newton has been outspoken about sexual abuse in Hollywood for years and done a lot for many different causes, supporting everything from the environment to animal rights - further proof that living an unproblematic life is good for you.



#6 Salma Hayek (53)


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Mexican actress Salma Hayek has been a favourite of mine since she played Alec Baldwin’s girlfriend in 30 Rock, and just reaffirmed that status when she played the bad-ass and foul-mouthed wife of an assassin in The Hitman’s Bodyguard. She has long since been an activist, working to raise awareness of violence against women and campaigning to end discrimination against immigrants. She has played the role of iconic feminist and artist Frida Kahlo, and I’m convinced she hasn’t aged at all since the early 2000s.


#7 Halle Berry (53)

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Look, she was Catwoman and she was Storm and kicked ass as both! Need I say more?



#8 Sandra Bullock (55)


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The undisputed queen of romcoms, she’s played every role from an FBI agent in Miss Congeniality, to a jewel thief in Oceans 8, to a hard-ass publisher in The Proposal, and always looks fabulous doing it!


#9 Lucy Liu (50)

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Is there anything Lucy Liu can’t do? From action films like Kill Bill, to 00s classics like Charlie’s Angels, to her award-winning role as Joan Watson in Elementary, she’s killed it no matter what she’s done. Personally, I’m convinced she’s found the Fountain of Youth because she hasn’t aged at all in the last 15 years!


Jane Fonda (81)

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The oldest woman on this list, but nonetheless one of the fiercest, Jane Fonda is a legend and an icon. Winner of almost every acting award under the sun, Fonda is also an inspiration and an activist. Just this month she was arrested at a climate change protest, but she has spent her whole life fighting for a better world!



As with the men’s article let us know how right (or wrong) we got this list!