“I’m Shmacked”: College Parties, Exposed

It goes without saying that our college years aren't strictly defined by the long hours spent in the library with textbooks and seemingly bottomless cups of coffee. Come our 10-year reunions, we won't exactly be joking around with our friends about the “killer time” we had presenting our theses to a classroom of bored, potentially unconscious students. Instead, the memories are likely to come from reminiscing on those crazy, out-of-control, ridiculous parties that kept us hungover for days (or for the true champs, weeks), but, of course, it didn't phase us. But now, we don't have to wait for alumni weekend to look back on the nights we most likely don't remember. Thanks to “I'm Shmacked” no party goes unnoticed; the beer-guzzling, bong-bubbling, and late-night eats are all caught on tape to make some seriously epic videos depicting the college social scene. 
What's “I'm Shmacked?”
Founded by two college students, Arya Toufanian and Jeffrie Ray (who declined to comment for this article), the “I'm Shmacked” videos take viewers behind the scenes of the college party culture, showcasing college kids getting “shmacked” (wasted, plastered, hammered, drunk,whichever you prefer) in three- to four-minute, school-specific videos. Not surprisingly, partygoers always put on a show: there are your typical students chugging vodka straight from the handle, girls making out, kids blowing rings of smoke after a hit from a bong, predictable street fights, and endless chants and shout-outs in honor of their university. 
“College kids love showing off how 'cool' they can be, and the 'I'm Shmacked' videos are the perfect platform to do so,” Rachel, a senior at GWU, says. 
But what makes these YouTube videos stand out from all the other captures of college kids getting drunk on tape? Well, for starters, “I'm Shmacked” aims to highlight what makes each individual school unique. For the University of Michigan's video (“I'm Shmacked The Movie: University of Michigan - Welcome Week”), Toufanian and Ray decided to use the song “Work Hard, Play Hard” as the video's soundtrack to emphasize the overall motto on Michigan's campus. “I'm Shmacked” calls out distinct features of the student body, social traditions, and events at every campus they film at, showcasing that no two schools are alike. 
For example, every spring, the students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison rage all day at the Mifflin Street Block Party. It's one of the most widely talked about events on campus, and it's one of those parties that people look forward to all year. So, of course, Mifflin was the prime time to capture Wisconsin on camera. 
“'I'm Shmacked' has become another tradition for college kids to participate in. It's another right of passage, but unlike going to your school's football tailgate, these videos are something that every university can partake in,” says Jenny, a sophomore at University of Miami.