6 Must-Have Planners You Need to Help You Organize Your Life This Year

We may already be heading into the end of the first quarter of the year, but it's not too late to get your life organized if you want to. Hastily noted to-do's on torn scraps of paper are great, until they fly away when the heating vent kicks on or your cat runs off with it, so if you're finding yourself trying but struggling to stay on top of everything that needs to be done, consider one of these planners to help you get there. 

  1. 1. The Lifeplanner - Erin Condren

    Organize and inspire your life at the same time with the Lifeplanner – with mini months to preview what's coming next, inspirational quotes and productivity pages, your year's never looked better. 

    $60 $39; shop now

  2. 2. Today Planner - Ink & Volt

    If you're anything like me, collecting planners every year with the sincere intention to organize your life but consistently falling short, this is the solution for you. Undated, it's perfect for planning out just the days you really need, meaning the pages will never go to waste and it'll last as long as you need it to. 

    $27; shop now

  3. 3. Signature Planner - Hadron Epoch

    This simple, fabric bound planner offers both monthly and weekly views, and it accurately depicts my feelings about every single thing these days. 

    $30 $15; shop now

  4. 4. The Everygirl Planning Calendar - Day Designer

    This Target-exclusive collab includes a variety of colors, sizes and styles on their planners, all of which include monthly previews, weekly pages and months-in-review. There are also career and 30 day challenge focused options, which offer a career roadmap to help you in your professional development and monthly challenges to make better choices from finances to style to self-care, respectively!

    Target, $17; shop now

  5. 5. Wellness Planner - Ban.do

    Because due dates and deadlines don't (or at least shouldn't) make up your whole life. This planner focuses on you, including pages for goal and meal planning, activity logging, water tracking and more, plus nutrition, excercise, and body and emotional positivity advice. 

    $30; shop now

  6. 6. Top 3 Notes - Noted by Post-it

    Because sometimes looking at an entire sheet of tasks is unreasonably overwhelming. Note your most important to-do's for the day – your absolute must-do's – and the day ahead is sure to feel less stressful. 

    Staples, $6; shop now