29 Signs You Go to Exeter University

1. Your campus is so green and pretty.

2. There are hills everywhere… Have you seen the Forum Hill, and do I need to mention Cardiac Hill?!

3. You’ve accepted that there’s only three clubs to go to.

4. Everyone who goes out on a Wednesday goes to Timepiece in fancy dress.

5. There are an incredible amount of hot guys at your campus.

6. You’re in a club where they’re playing the Spice Girls and the soundtrack from The Lion King.

7. Everyone plays some sort of sport.

8. You’re able to go to the beach in the summer, and it’s only 30 minutes away.

9. Every other person you meet is from Surrey or Kent.

10. Girls are in gym gear all the time…

11.  …and when people aren’t in gym gear, they’re in some sort of stash.

12.  When you go out, it’s early, really early – and the club closes at 1 a.m.

13. You’ve attempted the Firehouse challenge at least once.

14.  Everything’s within walking distance… but many of the students still have cars.

(I wouldn't be surprised to see these on campus.)

15.  Summertime means visits to the quay.

16.  You’re now used to the fact that there’s always building works on campus.

17.  You’ve accepted the admin is awful; it’s never going to change.

18.  You've gone out clubbing in your underwear at SSB, and it was acceptable.

19.  You go to rugby, football, cricket ,or rowing varsity for the social and not the sport.

20.  You don’t need to leave university in summer to get a tan.

(So it doesn't look exactly like this - but Exmouth is fairly similar to this!)

21.   The Ram is where you head for a hangover lunch on campus.


22.  You’ve considered going into The King Billy for a drink… but are too scared of what the locals will say or do.

23.  If you’re out on a Wednesday or a Friday, you know where to go for you post-night out food, and it doesn’t involve leaving the club.

24.  If you live more than a 20-minute walk from campus, you’re miles away.

25.  You might as well sign your student loan straight over to Costa each term.

26.  You know that wearing purple to a sports dinner is just a no-no.

27.  You leave extra time when going to Amory because you know you’re going to get lost.

28.  You’ve accepted that MyExeter will never, ever work properly.

29.  You consider anywhere north of Birmingham as “the North."