10 Cute Photo Decor Ideas for Your Dorm

Whether you live in a dorm or you've made the move to an apartment, chances are that your living space is not yet as Pinterest-worthy as you want it to be. You want to show off photos, but in both dorms and apartments, rules about how you can decorate your new space can be constricting.

Don't worry—we've got some awesome DIY ways you can show off photos in your new place without losing your security deposit. Check out these creative ways to use photos to beautify your bedroom.

1. DIY washi tape picture frames


2. Heart-shaped wall collage


3. DIY photo letters



4. Clip photos to string lights



5. DIY photo frame


6. Clothesline picture holders


7. DIY photo clock


8. Polaroid wall collage


9. Photo magnets


10. Make an inspiration board