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Thanksgiving Eve is approaching and you know what that means — hometown bars, seeing people from high school you never wanted to see again, and (responsibly) drinking some spiked apple cider. If you’re 21 or older and planning on drinking this year to celebrate Thanksgiving Eve, you need a designated driver (DD)

Drinking alcohol reduces brain function, which in turn, affects driving capability. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 32 people die in drunk-driving crashes in the U.S. every day. All these deaths could’ve been prevented if people didn’t drink and drive. Friend groups should always have a designated driver established before going out, or should plan on using ride-share apps, like Uber and Lyft, to make sure everyone gets home safely. These apps are there to make getting home safe for everyone on the road. 

And let’s be honest, who wants to be the DD on such an iconic holiday? Your friend group needs a ride-share DD, and lucky for all the Thanksgiving Eve goers out there, there are lots of ways to get discounted rides this year. 


If you’re an Uber lover, there are tons of ways to save — mainly if you open a brand new account. (Maybe your second cousin doesn’t have an Uber account yet?) If it’s your first time registering for an Uber account, you can score all kinds of discounts. There’s $18 off your first six rides ($3 off each ride) — just use code NEWRIDER18. 

Uber also is giving $5 off your first three rides. Just log into the Uber app, open your menu, scroll down to the wallet, and add the promo code NEWRIDER15. Check out Groupon for more Uber codes!

If you’re feeling in the mood to socialize, you can always catch a ride through UberX Share. This ride connects you with other people heading in the same direction. It’s always a cheaper option than a traditional Uber ride, and helps your city by avoiding extra emissions. Hot girls love the environment.


Ah, Lyft — Uber’s sweeter, more fun, younger sibling, and wow are they feeling generous this holiday season. If it’s your first time signing up for Lyft, you can get $25 off. Enter code RIDERCODE25 to redeem your discount. Coupons are good for 14 days, so use them wisely. Check out Lyft’s promo page to see which coupon works best for you and your besties’ Thanksgiving Eve schedule. (If it’s 10 trips in 14 days — I applaud you.)

Lyft also has a carpool service called Lyft Shared, similar to UberX Share. Shared rides on Lyft Shared only match you with people going in the same direction, so it doesn’t add too much time to your trip. Lyft Shared is only available in certain cities right now (hopefully, your hometown is on the list) and they’re hoping to continue expanding their carpool program. 

Lyft also has a rider referral program available in select cities. Invite a friend from your contact list with your unique code, and you’re both on your way to scoring some free rides just in time for the holidays!


Curb is a low-cost, on-demand cab ride service available in major cities across the U.S. As Uber and Lyft prices have surged, more people have been going back to their roots: taxis. 

Curb offers various $5 off coupon codes, pre-booking rides, and contactless payment options within the app. The nice thing about Curb too is they don’t engage in surge pricing. So after your Thanksgiving Eve night out, you can get home safely on the cheap!


Via prides itself on taking people wherever they need to go in the quickest, most affordable, and most environmentally-responsible way possible. Similar to most ride-share apps, enter your pickup and drop-off location and Via will pair you with a vehicle heading in your direction. In certain cities, Via will show the user different ways to get to their destination and how long it’ll take because everyone loves options. 

Via is one of the cheapest rideshare programs, which is exactly what I love. They’re offering $10 in ride credit for new users. Just use code TRYVIA25 and the code works for 30 days. You’re welcome, bestie.

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