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Best Drinks for the Designated Driver: Non-Alcoholic Drinks for A Night Out

Ladies, we know that not every weekend you feel like partying hard, but still want to go out with your friends. Here are our top drinks for those who are either the DD (the best job any friend group could have), are not 21 yet, or just don’t like to drink if you are of age. 

  1. Cranberry Sangria 

I’m an absolute sucker for sangria—it will consistently be my drink of choice at dinner with friends or a restaurant with family since turning 21. However, most of the drink itself isn’t alcohol based. This recipe for cranberry sangria is to die for- combining all of your favorites into one refreshing drink! 

  1. Strawberry-Ginger Lemonade 

This is another refreshing kick on a mocktail that only has three ingredients—strawberries, lemon ginger beer, and lemon! I’ve personally had this one a countless number of times, and this recipe for Strawberry-Ginger Lemonade can be made in seconds. 

  1. Orange, Apple, and Cranberry Mocktail 

This next one is another great option. If you’re playing DD for the night, then your friends that are consuming alcohol will most likely already have all three of these as their mixies! Just pour out equal parts and you’ll have your Orange, Apple, and Cranberry Mocktail

  1. Club Soda with Lime 

If you’re out on the town with friends, this is by far the easiest thing to order from the bar. Plus, if you don’t want the extra sugar of juice, club soda is a really easy way to still get the carbonation but not the excess sugar and calories! When looking at it in that setting, you may even feel just a little bit more comfortable in whatever environment you’re in since a Club Soda with Lime looks so similar to any actual drink with alcohol. 

  1. Shirley Temple 

Lastly, the Shirley Temple is easily one of the most notorious mocktails around—you’ve probably even been drinking them since you were a kid! This refreshing drink is still one of my favorites from childhood into adulthood—what’s not to love about it? 

As a senior in college who is 21+, I can be the first to attest that as my college years come to a close, there are simply some nights you don’t want to drink but still want to hang out with friends. You either have too much work that needs to get done the next day, would prefer to drive everyone so there is a safe alternative, or you don’t like to drink—all of which are completely ok! If you are not 21+ yet and feel pressured by friends to drink, just trust in yourself that you are doing what YOU want to do. No one has to force you into it. We love these mocktails and hopefully you will too! Be responsible, Collegiettes!

Erica Salisbury

Fairfield '22

Erica is a Senior at Fairfield University majoring in Accounting with a minor in Digital Journalism. She has always loved fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and is so excited to be a part of Her Campus again at Fairfield! She cannot wait to see all the things in store for her during her last year at Fairfield, especially with being involved in Her Campus.
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