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Here’s How You Can Have Girls’ Night Out Without Actually Going Anywhere

The days of tightly-packed bars and overpriced drinks seem miles away now, but there are many ways to still enjoy your weekend girls’ night without going out for drinks and risking your safety in a crowded environment. Here are a few ways to make girls’ night special — socially distanced, or in a small group.

Host a virtual girls’ night 

For friends that live far away or in other states where travel may be limited, it can be difficult to get together. But, keeping the connection with these friends is so important, and it's easy to do right from your laptop. Have a girls’ night virtually via Zoom, and catch up with those who mean the most to you right from the comfort of your couch. 

Try spicing up your usual Zoom call with wine tasting, sharing old stories to reminisce, or games that you can play together right from your phones, like Heads Up! or Drawsaurus. Technology connects us now in such important ways, and makes for a perfect addition to girls’ night. 

Grab takeout from your favorite local restaurant 

Though your favorite restaurant and bar might still be closed or limited in seating, takeout is a great way to still enjoy your favorite fares. Have your group order takeout and picnic at home, in the park or on the beach together. You can support local restaurants and still have a night out — without the crowds.

Cook your own meal and host a wine and pasta night 

Cooking with friends is incredibly fun and rewarding. This is a perfect idea for girls’ night: consult TikTok for how to make an amazing charcuterie board, whip up delicious ‘cacio e pepe’ pasta, and enjoy a meal you made with your friends. Cooking allows your crew to enjoy dinner together just like you always did — and even save some money, too. 

“Pasta night is the best thing to do for girls night-in!” says College of New Jersey alumni Maria Fegeley, “Spending quality time with friends, learning new recipes, and enjoying our favorite wine together lets us truly enjoy each other’s company and have fun.”

If a big pasta dinner isn’t your style, switch that out for your favorite meal, or challenge yourself to try a new type of cuisine. Bon appetit! 

DIY your favorite cocktails

Ever wonder how to make your go-to $12 margarita order? A great idea for girls’ night in is learning to mix up your favorite cocktails from home alongside your ladies. You can find ingredients and recipes practically everywhere, but here is a great homemade margarita recipe, and if tequila isn’t your speed try this Moscow mule. 

Pst! HC also has a great list of drinks to make based on your zodiac sign. Mix away!

Stay in for movie night

Netflix and chill can be for the girls, too. Putting on a good movie and relaxing with your friends can be a great option for girls’ night, according to fellow College of New Jersey alumni Carrie Carpenito.

“It’s super easy to have a girls’ night without going out for drinks,” she says. “A movie night is my favorite. Who doesn’t love getting comfy in PJs with your best friends, baking cookies, and just enjoying each others’ company (which is most important)?” 

What could be better than cozy clothes paired with great snacks and drinks?

Or create a craft night

To take advantage of cozy time spent at home, make your next girls’ night a crafting party, whether it includes painting, self-care beauty treatments, or any other relaxing DIY. Find one craft that a member of your squad does well and have them share their knowledge, or try something completely new together and make something beautiful. 

Revamp wardrobes with a clothing swap

Many of us leaned into online shopping during quarantine — and probably accumulated much more apparel than we’ll ever wear. A safe and conscious alternative to browsing the mall is to do a clothing swap with your best gals and treat each other to some great pieces that you know they’ll enjoy. 

Each member of your group can randomly draw names and then shop your closet to put together a gift box for your chosen person, with everyone providing their wish lists and sizes for assistance. They’ll be gifted with new and cute personalized options, you avoided the crowds of the mall, and you gained new clothes in a sustainable way. Can’t go wrong with that!

Whatever activity you choose, what matters is spending valuable time with friends who love and cherish you. Have fun and stay safe!

Mia is a writer for Her20s and former President of Her Campus TCNJ. She loves Her Campus's ability to empower the women of campus and beyond, and she hopes to continue spreading the site's messages of confidence and positivity. You can most likely find her reading, wandering around Trader Joes, or laying on the beach. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @missmiaingui.
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