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To My Fellow College Seniors, You Can Still Make the Most of Your Last Year

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This is not how I expected to start my senior year, and I’m sure it’s not how any of you expected to start this school year either. Looking back, it feels like I’m replaying every moment over again, questioning if I’ve made the most out of my time, while dreading that it’s being cut short.

Nonetheless here we are, and although things look different, our time isn’t over yet.

We still have the opportunity to make the most of our last year and create some amazing memories. Looking forward, the most important thing to do is maintain a positive mindset. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of this situation, staying positive will keep this year bright and memorable. By staying connected to campus, you’ll be able to do this more easily. Personally, I find joy in being with my friends and student organizations. Finding ways to get your friend group together can be done through Zoom calls and online game nights. If you’re lucky enough to still be on campus, plan socially-distanced events for everyone to enjoy. A bonfire, attending a drive-in movie theater, or a seated outdoor concert are great ways to meet up responsibly. This goes for your student organizations as well! By hosting meetings virtually and finding ways to keep in touch, you can stay connected and busy this year.

I can’t say for certain whether life will go back to normal by the end of senior year, but that’s no reason to stop making fun future plans.

You’re graduating and should celebrate that! Plan ways to recognize your future graduation when the time comes, such as finding a grad outfit that makes you feel confident and toasting with your friends and family. Make sure you host a photo sesh too to commemorate the day. And after graduation, plan a road trip to the beach, mountains, or wherever you want. The best thing about road trips is if for some reason you need to push it back when the time comes, they are flexible to reschedule.

Finally, do things that make you happy and get you out of your room. This could look like getting in the routine of daily exercise, picking up a new hobby, or adopting a furry friend. Anything that brings you joy and breaks up the monotony of online or hybrid classes is important. For those of us who still have in-person classes, it might feel mentally and physically draining to wear a mask and follow guidelines all day. Take care of your mental health by planning those activities with friends and special post-grad moments.

As we enter our last year as college students, the world that awaits us can seem scary and unpredictable. However, I remember my first day at college, and that was scary and unpredictable too. Over the last three years, I’ve made incredible memories at school, and although this year will look different, I’m confident that I’ll have just as meaningful moments. Seniors, keep your head high, and hold onto hope that this will be a great last year, because it can be. 

Kate Fox is Marketing major and French minor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her passion for writing and journalism stem from the love she has for creating and bringing ideas to life through her pieces. She started writing in middle school and can't imagine herself not being able to do so. Both in and out of writing she loves all things related to beauty, health and fitness, career growth and fashion. In addition to Her Campus she spends her time singing, traveling and being outdoors.
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