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Swifties, There’s A Starbucks Secret Menu Drink Just For You

Swifties, rise. It’s been the era of Taylor Swift since Midnights dropped in October, and I’m not complaining: I’m still listening to the album, bopping my head to “Anti-Hero,” and reeling over Ticketmaster-gate like it’s 2022. And with the Eras Tour quickly approaching, let’s just say that the Swift hype isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it looks like Starbucks is hopping on the Blondie bandwagon. Well… kind of.

Starbucks is infamous for its secret menu (remember the circa 2014 “cotton candy frap?”). Sometimes, the consumer-generated secret recipe creations are better than the items on the actual menu. From cereal-inspired creations to candy-esque refreshers, the secret menu is full of delicious bevvys. The newest addition to the list? The “Lavender Haze” Drink. Yes, seriously, it’s a thing.

Before you freak out, no — this isn’t an official drink on the Starbucks menu. Created by the TikTok user @alexiaencinas13, the drink is reminiscent of the famous (and delicious) Pink Drink, which was made popular by beauty creator James Charles. Think of it as a mix between a refreshed and a colada, but with a Taylor Swift twist: It’s lavender! Like the song! Gen Z goes crazy for a pop culture reference, especially one relating to Blondie.

How do i order the “lavender haze” drink at Starbucks?

Since this isn’t an official collab between Swift and Starbucks, you can’t exactly pull up to the register and say, “one ‘Lavender Haze,’ please!” However, ordering the drink is actually pretty easy — and you can even order it on the Starbucks app.

Encinas, the originator of the trend, laid out the exact recipe in her TikTok: a venti iced passion tea with soy milk and six pumps of vanilla. However, you can substitute the soy milk for coconut if you’re craving a more tropical take on the drink. Additionally, you can customize the amount of vanilla syrup used — don’t be afraid to ask for three to four pumps if you don’t want a drink that’s too sweet. The vanilla pumps can also be adjusted depending on the size of the drink, so I’d suggest cutting back if you’re ordering a smaller size!

While the drink isn’t officially on the menu, a ton of secret menu drinks have made it to the big time before: The viral Medicine Ball can now be ordered as a honey citrus mint tea, the Pink Drink made it onto the menu in 2017, and so on. Here’s to hoping that we see a “Lavender Haze” drink on the menu, and in the app, in time for the Eras Tour!

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