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‘You’ Season 4 Used “Anti-Hero” By Taylor Swift In The Finale & Twitter Is Losing It

Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Season 4 of You follow. Another season of You has come and gone, and to say that I’m absolutely gagged would be an understatement. Season 4 was a bit of a rollercoaster: Not only was this the first time that the show was split into two parts, but it featured an entirely new set of characters in a brand-new format. Essentially, Season 4 was like playing a game of Clue as we watched Joe Goldberg navigate through high-society London. For the first time, we got to see someone else tormenting Joe (it was well-deserved) before the show ended with a bang, a twist, and… a Taylor Swift song?

That’s right. In the final moments of Season 4, Blondie’s song “Anti-Hero” plays as Joe wraps up the other characters’ storylines. Weirdly enough, the song totally fits: It’s him, Joe. He’s the problem, it’s him. Joe’s character is definitely polarizing, with some viewers thirsting after him and others absolutely disgusted by his behavior. And since Season 4 had Joe hunting down a killer (or, so we thought), as opposed to doing a majority of the killing (again, so we thought), it’s safe to say that he’s the official anti-hero of television right now.

Naturally, the Penn Badgely-Taylor Swift crossover has sent the entire internet into orbit. On Twitter, users have been posting their reactions to the songs use in the show. Honestly? Same.

And when I say stans are freaking out, I mean all caps freaking out.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Blondie’s music appeared in You. Remember the Season 3 ending? I think I’ve seen this film before.

Twitter is basically dubbing “Anti-Hero” as Joe’s theme song.

And while some internet users weren’t a big fan of the season, a Taylor Swift song was all they needed to get on board.

Non-Swifties were annoyed, though. Lighten up, y’all!

Regardless, I think the ending song was hilarious — and my fellow Twitter Swifties definitely agree.

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