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How Girls Clean Their Rooms

You finish classes for the day and think maybe it’s time you tidied up your living space.

You think it won’t be too hard…

…until you look at the state of your room. Then, you’re like:

So you get started with the hardest part: your clothes (that are all over the place).

You wonder how you have so much of them, until you remember:

You try to organize your closet (by style… or color?), but it’s like:

So you throw everything onto a hanger or in the hamper and call it good.

Now it’s time to clean your desk!

So you sort some old term papers and cheat sheets…

…and find a ridiculous number of textbooks — that you opened once or twice, at most — from previous classes. You spent how much money on these?!

You finish cleaning your desk after throwing away that disgusting takeout box that’s been hiding behind a stack of magazines.

The only mess remaining is random junk, like beauty products and empty juice bottles, so you take a short break from cleaning.

You decide to redo your nails after rediscovering an adorable color…

…but five minutes turns into an hour-long beauty session and soon you’re like:

Wait, what were you supposed to be doing again? Oh, right…

Maybe going through your makeup stash and nail polish collection was a bad idea.

But you just applied a second coat, so you promise you’ll get back to cleaning right after this episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Which leads into three more episodes…

…which leads to an unexpected nap. When you finally wake up to a half-cleaned room, you’re like:

It’s already late at night though, so you say you’ll finish cleaning tomorrow.

Because cleaning your room in one sitting always proves to be impossible.


Connie is a professional and creative writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently obsessed with pole fitness, pumpkin bread, and '80s fashion.