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How to Find 10 Minutes of ‘You Time’ Every Day When You’re Busy AF

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Breaks like days off, vacations and time going out doing something that you love are brilliant, and you should try to squeeze these things into your busy schedule whenever you can. But, sometimes it’s the smaller things that make the biggest difference. Taking the occasional 10 minutes during the day for yourself can be rewarding, energy boosting and stress relieving. But how can you do it?

Enjoy Your Morning Ritual

Mornings are often the busiest time of the day. I know for me I am running around trying to make breakfast, take a shower, and throw a semi-decent outfit together. Most people spend time running around getting everything and everyone ready and making sure nothing is forgotten. As crazy as the morning is, it is important to set aside some time for “your thing.” I know people that take a bath in the morning (literally every morning, I wish I had that kind of time), will spend 20 minutes reading or will make their bed so they have something organized to come home too. Me, I set aside some time in the morning to meditate or do a little yoga. I’m talking five minutes, just to set my intentions for the day. Giving myself that peace in the morning is more beneficial for others peace throughout the day because I’m not nearly as cranky. 

Embrace That Commute

Many of us face a long commute in rush hour traffic or a crowded bus ride home on city transportation. Traffic is something no one understands but we just accept it, angrily. We sit in our car or on the train annoyed, stressed out and unhappy. So, start embracing your commute. It’s time where you don’t have to do anything. Download some podcasts or your favorite music, or throw on an audiobook to enjoy. 
If you have to be doing something because you’re like me and can’t sit still, eat your breakfast on the go and savor the flavor. Brew some coffee, put it in your favorite travel mug and suddenly your commute is way more enjoyable. 
Read the full post here.
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