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How to Be an Active Sorority Sister Without Being On The Exec Board

People say that Greek life is what you make of it, and that couldn’t be more true. You can choose what events you attend, whether you want to live in the house, or if you’ll join other student organizations outside of your sorority. One of the most popular ways to get involved is taking an executive board position. But, what if you don’t feel comfortable taking a leadership role just yet, or if you ran for a position and didn’t get it? Don’t worry; there are sooo many ways to stay involved with your sorority when you’re not on the exec board.

1. Take a different position

The exec board positions aren’t the only positions available to sorority sisters! Sydney, a sophomore in Alpha Omicron Pi at University of Michigan, says, “If you want to get involved but aren’t on the executive board or leadership council, you can always take a less time intensive position, such as an assistant position.” This gives you the opportunity to get involved in a substantial way without much of the time commitment. Plus, if you have the official position title, it’s something you can put on a resume, so it helps you, too! As Kathlein, a junior in Kappa Delta at Wittenberg University, explains, “Our sorority has appointed positions–which are positions that you do not have to be voted into but you can sign up for! These positions help with things like making sure we are staying socially involved with other Greek life orgs and stuff around campus and supporting non-Greek organizations.” Being a big is also a great opportunity, and it gives you an automatic new friend!

2. Offer to help the exec board out with smaller events

Heather, a sophomore in Alpha Gamma Delta at University of Michigan, says, “I may not be on executive board but I love helping out at smaller tasks like philanthropy events because I feel very connected with my sister and together we can make a real impact.” Even if you’re not the one running the event, your help does not go unnoticed! Sororities are all about team effort and relationship-building, and helping your sisters out is one of the best ways that you can show you care. So, make sure you put yourself out there as someone your sisters can rely on! Sydney suggests participating in “one of the many Panhellenic and IFC events, such a Greekweek, or going to leadership or exec meetings that are open to the entire chapter.”

Angela, a sophomore in Sigma Kappa at Eastern Michigan University, serves on the exec board as the senior Panhellenic delegate. She adds that, “Being on exec board can be stressful because there’s always a lot to do and it’s really helpful when people not on exec board offer to help. Also, if someone has an interest in being on exec board, it looks really nice when they always offer to help, because it shows that you want to be involved.”

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3. Get to know your sisters outside of a sorority setting

“Greek life is about forming relationships, so to stay involved in Kappa Delta I make sure to actively talk with my sisters when I see them on campus to keep our sisterhood strong,” says Kathlein. It’s true; if you don’t want to form solid relationships with your sisters, then why did you go Greek? As the saying goes, the best way to make a friend is to be a friend, so it’s important that your sisters know that you’re there for them. Sarah*, who’s in Alpha Delta Pi at University of Michigan, says, “I stay active by looking out for my sisters in their mental health with school or looking out for them physically at parties.” Making friends is hard work at first, so you may not feel like hanging out with girls in your sorority outside of Greek events, but once you start to create that bond, it will all be worth it.

4. Invite your friends who aren’t in your sorority to events

When your sorority is hosting a philanthropic event, it’s easy to change your profile picture on Facebook, or text the required number of people, but how often is it that you actually encourage people to come? Philanthropic events don’t work if the sisters are the only ones who show up. So instead of just doing enough to get points, do your best to get people to come! Use it as an opportunity to connect with your friends from the dorms or student orgs. Events are a fun and easy way to make a difference, and you should embrace the opportunity!

5. Be proud of your sorority

As Kathlein says, “An easy way to be involved around campus is representing your sorority by wearing letters and being an example of your sorority’s values!” If you’re constantly complaining loudly in class, or acting belligerent at parties, that reflects not only on you but on your sorority. So no matter where you go on campus, remember that you are representing your sorority, and always keep your values in mind. Don’t forget to wear your letters, either! You didn’t get all that gear for nothing , did you? 

Sororities can be overwhelming, especially at first, and if you’re not on exec board it can be tempting just to lay low. But, you rushed for a reason, and you should never feel like you’re not a real member of your sorority. There are so many ways to get involved, you just have to look out for them!

*Name has been changed

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