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Here’s How to Make Your Weekends More Productive

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The weekends are definitely for relaxing, there’s no denying that. But how are you supposed to get anything done when there are more social commitments happening than you can handle? Whether it’s a university event, a friend’s birthday party, or a well-planned out GNO, it can be tough to get anything productive done. However, it’s totally possible when you set your priorities straight and understand how to tackle all that’s coming your way on that Saturday and Sunday.

Deal with the stupid sh*t during the week

One of my biggest issues with running errands over the weekend is that I know I have an unlimited amount of time to poke around in the store (*cough* Target *cough*), which would turn into a 3-hour venture. By doing all of my errands and any other stupid shit I had to get done during the week, I am able to put myself on a time-limit because let’s face it: your time during the week is valuable AF.

Have a plan

When you have a lot going on over the weekend, the best way to still be productive is to have a plan. Have stuff you have to get done for work? Need to prep for a wedding? Carve out time specifically for those tasks to ensure they get done and to make the rest of the day a little less hectic. I am an early riser and am more productive in the mornings, so I always try to catch nope blog work, schedule photo shoots, and get any work done for my 9-5 first thing in the morning. Sometimes I even use this as an excuse to take myself to a local coffee shop and treat myself to a latte while I get some work done. 

Be present

Once I made a game plan for my weekends, when I was going to be catching up on work and when I would spend time with family and friends, I was able to become more present in the day-to-day because I wasn’t stressing about what I had to get done and when I was going to do it. Enjoying the time I have to do things I wanted to do versus things that I have to do allows me to be excited about those things I have to do. Are you as confused as I am?? Basically – taking time to do fun and exciting things allows me to be more excited about my blog, about my job, and about the stupid adult shit we *have* to do, instead of being miserable trying to get it done.

TBH, life is all about balance. Being productive is a direct correlation with your happiness, your schedule, and your mindset. If you notice that you’re working your ass off every weekend but aren’t getting much done, reevaluate how you’re spending your time. I promise that moving a few things around and coming up with a plan of action is going to pay off!

Read the full post here

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